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We encourage all residents to recycle their household wastes, which reduces the volume of waste being sent to landfill.

The East Ayrshire Council Cabinet meeting on 12 November 2014 approved our customer charter which details the service you can expect from us and what is expected from you.

New recycling trolley service - launching in 2018

Recyling Trolley

In October 2016, the Scottish Government announced major funding for East Ayrshire Council which will see the introduction of a new recycling trolley for the collection of your recyclate from the kerbside.

The recycling trolley will provide households with a weekly kerbside collection service for paper and card, plastics, cartons, cans and glass.  Food waste will be collected alongside the recycling trolley.  Further details can be found in the recycling trolley web page and accompanying frequently asked questions.

Your collections - before the recycling trolley launch

All bins/boxes must be presented for collection by 6.30am with lids closed.  No side waste is accepted alongside the landfill bins (green/grey bins). 

Should your household regularly produce more recyclate than can be contained in the issued container, contact us and we will supply additional recycling containers upon request.

Once you receive your recycling trolley start to use it. The recycling trolley replaces the blue bin, red box, black box collections.  Food waste is collected alongside the recycling trolley each week.

Recycling trolley service guide 

Your new recycling trolley service guide details how to use this weekly collection service.

Bins and containers 

  • blue bins (or blue sacks) are for paper and cardboardbin - blue

  • brown bins (or biodegradeable sacks) are for garden waste - operates from March to Novemberbrown bin

  • black boxes are for glass and cans, household batteries (bagged), textiles (bagged) and small electrical items

bins - black box

bin - red box

  • food waste bins (small silver caddy for internal use and a larger green external caddy)

bin - food waste

  • green bins/grey bins (lilac sacks) are for for waste that cannot be recycled - waste which will be sent to landfill.bin - green

Where it is not possible to use bins we provide an annual allocation of different coloured sacks which match the bin provision as detailed above.

Where to leave your bins 

You should take care where you leave containers for collection during especially extreme weather conditions. Where possible:

  • put containers in a sheltered location as near as possible to the pavement - make sure they are visible to the collection crew

  • when excessive winds are forecast, you may opt not to leave your red box (plastics) for collection. You can may then leave excess plastic in a plastic sack/carrier bag alongside your red box at the next scheduled visit

  • cans/aerosols/foil may be presented for collection in a plastic sack/carrier bag alongside the black box. However, glass will only be uplifted in the black box   

If you have more to recycle than we can collect, you can take it to our deposited at your nearest Recycling Centres or Recycling Point.

When your bins are collected

Find out your collection days for the different bins and containers

Our assisted collection service

If you are unable to place your bin or box at the kerbside, and there is not an able bodied person living with you, then we can offer an assisted collection service - a pull out service. To find out if you qualify, contact us and an officer will assess your eligibility. If approved, your bins/boxes will be allocated a pull out sticker which highlights your inclusion in the scheme.

Our nappy collection service

A weekly nappy collection service is available to householders. Alternatively we also offer real nappy trial packs. To find out if you qualify and for further information please contact us.

New build properties

From 1 April 2011, all new houses built in East Ayrshire will incur a charge for the provision of the bins/containers.  As the Council will introduce the recycling trolley collection service during 2018, from 1 October 2016, this charge will reflect the costs of the landfill bin, the garden waste bin and the food waste bins.

Find out more about bin allocations for new build properties

Towns and villages

Black boxes will be uplifted along with your blue and brown bins - a collection every two weeks.

Full details of how our town and village collections operate can be found in our service booklet Towns and villages - three weekly

Rural households

Black boxes will be uplifted along with the food waste bin and red box.  Full details of how the rural collection service operates are outlined in our service booklet - Rural areas - three weekly.

Service booklets

Our service booklets provide you with guidance on what materials can be recycled in each of the containers provided.  Should you need additional or replacement recycling containers please contact us either by phone or online via our reporting form.

The following service booklets (pre recycling trolley delivery) apply:

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