Eco-friendly transport

Information on cycling and walking in East Ayrshire

Taxis fare setting

Information on current taxi fares and surcharges

Outdoor services

Help and advice about cemeteries and bereavement services, grass cutting, tree maintenance, street cleaning, litter, fly-tipping and dog fouling.

Accessible transport

Transport provision for older and disabled residents

Road safety

Local road safety initiatives and statistics

Spaces for people

Find out about Spaces for People which allows temporary measures to be put in place to make it easier for people walking and wheeling to physically distance

Ayrshire Roads Alliance

Our roads network is managed by Ayrshire Roads Alliance, which delivers shared Council roads and transportation services to communities across East and South Ayrshire. The following links will take you directly to the Ayrshire Roads Alliance website.

Report a fault

Report a fault in any public road, street lighting or bridges


A list of all current reported roadworks managed by Ayrshire Roads Alliance


Includes car parks, parking fines and parking permits

Road permits and licences

Includes skip permits, temporary signing and construction consent

Severe weather

Includes winter maintenance, gritting routes and flooding information


Contact Information

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