Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Business as usual

All staff who are fit for work will continue to carry out as many of the regular duties as possible. Staff will therefore be available to process your Planning and Building Warrant applications and deal with enquiries by phone or email.

The service is mostly working remotely with a reduced office presence. Face-to-face meetings in our offices will only take place by appointment.

Site visits in connection with applications continue to take place.

How to contact us 

All enquiries should be submitted via email as noted below:

Impact on planning and building standards services

During the pandemic we altered and adapted our processes to reduce the impact of coronavirus and to continue to deliver services.

These changed processes continue to be in place with respect to maximising remote working, promoting the use of online services and communicating electronically or by telephone.

Dangerous buildings

A dangerous building notification is generally coordinated by the Emergency Services and passed to Building Standards to review and take necessary actions.

If you wish to report a dangerous building or structure which is structurally unsafe please call 01563 576790 during office hours and your call will be directed to the appropriate service. If you are calling out with office hours please call 0345 724 0000 which will be for emergencies only.

Please note that derelict or dilapidated building not posing an immediate risk will be dealt with by the service on a priority basis and details of the building should be emailed to:

Planning and building standards register

You will still be able to view Planning applications and Building Warrant property information from the Online Public Registers. You can access these at:

Submitting building warrant and planning applications

As the service now operates on an appointment only basis with limited office presence, we are unable to process paper submissions. We would therefore advise that all submissions should be made online via the government portals.

To submit an application please use the following links:

Payment of planning and building warrant fees

When submitting an application either via or eBuilding above, payments can be made via the online portal at the time of your application.

If you have not submitted the relevant Planning or Building Warrant fees when submitting the application then you can make the payment at Civicaepay.

Resubmission of information for invalid applications

Resubmissions should be made via the government portal rather than in paper format.

Planning applications processing

We have adapted our service so we can support communities and businesses.

Our aim is to boost online public input to planning processes so we can make and issue decisions which will both help with a swift recovery and a positive future for the local economy.

Stay informed and comment on planning proposals

Site notices have been published online via  Public Information Notice for Scotland (PINS) and adverts published in the local press and via PINS. From 1 April 2022 site notices, where required, will be placed on site.

We issue neighbour notification letters by post, with the planning portal open for comments to be made on applications

The weekly planning list will show all:

  • applications received
  • decisions made

Representations to planning applications

We recommend all correspondence be submitted electronically.

Letters of support or objections to planning applications should be submitted via the specific Planning application or by e-mailing directly.

Any hard copy representation should be directed to the address below if electronic means cannot be used.  Where a hard copy is submitted there may be some delay in acknowledgment of receipt and publication due to our reduced office presence.

Development planning and regeneration

A reduced office presence in in place and it is recommended that enquiries should be e-mailed to

Further information

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Planning and Economic Development
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Telephone: 01563 576790