Business and trade

Support for businesses|

Information on the support available for East Ayrshire businesses

Business rates|

Information on current business rates and if you are eligible for a reduction


Find out about the tendering process, our procurement policies and current contracts

Investing in East Ayrshire|

Find out why East Ayrshire is a great place to locate your business

Commercial waste, pollution and recycling|

Information on commercial waste provisions and disposal and recycling sites

Trading standards|

Legislation on the quantity, quality, safety, price and description of goods and services as well as consumer scams

Economic development|

Information on our plans to grow the local economy

Town centre management|

Find out what our main shopping towns, Kilmarnock and Cumnock, have to offer

Licences for your business|

Apply for licences, including alcohol, animal, entertainment and hazardous goods licences

Commercial land and property|

Find commercial land and property available for sale or lease

Health and safety|

How to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and what businesses the Council enforce

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