Education and learning

Our schools|

East Ayrshire primary, secondary and special school contact details and handbooks and information about school admissions

Early learning and childcare|

All about our Early Childhood Centres and early learning and childcare in East Ayrshire

School holidays|

Get full details of this year’s term dates and school holidays

Support for pupils|

School benefits, support for Additional Support Needs and other help available to pupils in East Ayrshire

School meals|

View the current school lunch menu, prices and details about our school catering team

Language and cultural support|

How we support Gaelic education, modern European languages and English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Travelling to school|

Crossing patrols, walking to school and school transport provided by the Council

Education at home|

We can offer you support if you are educating your children at home or your child is ill for an extended period of time

Management and inspection|

Access school inspection reports and details of pupil records

Attendance and behaviour|

Details of school rules, truancy and our exclusion policy

Education appeals|

Parents and carers can appeal about additional support needs, placing requests or exclusions

Active Schools|

Our Active Schools network offers opportunities and motivation to adopt active, healthy lifestyles

Business Enterprise bulletins|

Our Business Enterprise (BE) bulletins showcase the achievements of enterprise and business education

Investing in East Ayrshire Schools|

Latest news and information on the Capital Investment Programme for East Ayrshire Schools

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