Early years and primary school

Gaelic Medium Education (GME) is offered from Early Years in the new Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh, at the William McIlvanney Campus.

GME gives children and young people the opportunity to become proficient in Gaelic as well as English, allowing your child to become fluent in another language from an early age.

English is introduced from Primary 3 and pupils can expect to be bilingual by the time they reach Primary 7.

Children who understand more than one language are able to think more flexibly and creatively - and being bilingual offers many career opportunities.

Secondary school

GME progression from Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh is offered in Kilmarnock Academy, also at the William McIlvanney Campus, although some GME provision is also offered at Grange Academy.

The connection to Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh, means that GME is now delivered as a continuous, connected education from ages 3 to 18.

Centralising GME on one campus, allows your child to benefit from years of cultural experience with song, stories, dance, poetry and music, preserving the very best cultural Gaelic traditions.

We have strong links with national organisations and events where Gaelic and Celtic studies are taught and regular visits from academics, guest speakers and groups offering additional insights and guidance on Gaelic language, history and culture.

Request gaelic medium education

Parents of children under the age of five years have the right to request GME from the authority in which your child is resident.

This includes children who come from families where Gaelic is spoken and children from families with little or no background in the language.

To request GME for your child, please fill in our online school placing request form.

Gaelic language plan

Find out about our Gaelic language plan and how we will develop this.

Statutory guidance

Visit the Bòrd na Gàidhlig website for information on the statutory guidance for Gaelic Medium education. 

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