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We recognise that Gaelic is an integral part of Scotland's heritage, national identity and cultural life. The Council is committed to the objectives set out in the National Gaelic Language Plan and we have put in place the necessary structures and initiatives to assist in ensuring that Gaelic has a sustainable future in Scotland.

We recognise that the position of Gaelic is extremely fragile and, if Gaelic is to be revitalised as a living language in Scotland, a concerted effort on the part of government, the public and private sectors, community organisations and individual speakers is required to:

  • enhance the status of Gaelic
  • promote the acquisition and learning of Gaelic
  • and encourage the increased use of Gaelic.

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Gaelic Language Plan 2013-17

Plana Gàidhlig 2013-17

Our Gaelic Language Plan has been prepared within the framework of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005. It sets out how we will use Gaelic in the operation of our functions, how we will facilitate the use of Gaelic when communicating with the public and key partners, and how we will promote and develop Gaelic by taking forward our planned activity in a way that is proactive but mindful of local circumstances.

The plan is in accordance with statutory criteria set out in the 2005 Act, and has regard to the National Gaelic Language Plan and the Guidance on the Development of Gaelic Language Plans.


East Ayrshire Council Gaelic Language Plan 2013-17

Luchdaich a-nuas

Comhairle Shiorrachd Inbhir Àir an Ear Plana Gàidhlig 2013-17

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