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Since August 2020 we have provided a direct postal service of free sanitary products in partnership with Hey Girls, including reusable products which are plastic free, organic and sustainable.

We have produced a statement of how we will provide free sanitary products for anyone who needs them. 

How to order products

Products can be collected from venues in East Ayrshire and information on stocked venues can be accessed via the PickupMyPeriod App.

Order free sanitary products online

Alternatively, you can call 01563 554400 to place an order.

Where you can pick up free products

Information on stocked venues can be accessed via the PickupMyPeriod App.

This app allows users to enter a postcode or location to see where free period products are available in their area. The app can be downloaded via these links:

Frequently asked questions

Who can access free products?

Anyone who has periods, or needs to access products for someone else who has periods can receive products.

Free products are available for anyone in East Ayrshire. Access is not means tested, which means we don’t ask any information about income or why you need products.

All we ask is that you only ever take what you need, as by doing this, you are ensuring as many people as possible can access the products that they need.

What products are available?

Products include a range of single use disposable items that most people will be familiar with, including tampons and pads. We also stock a range of eco-friendly and reusable products including menstrual cups and reusable pads.

Single use items are available in locations across East Ayrshire, reusable products can be ordered online.


Packaging for 'hey girls' tampons and liners


Packaging for 'hey girls' pads and liners

Period cup

packaging for 'hey girls' period cup

Period pants

Packaging for 'hey girls' period pants

Training pack

Packaging for 'hey girls' training pack

Full cycle kit

Packaging for 'hey girls' full cycle kit

Are the products eco-friendly?

Yes, all the products we supply are eco-friendly:

  • tampons we stock are made with 100% organic cotton that are naturally soft, breathable and hypoallergenic, and have biodegradable cardboard applicators with biodegradable paper wrappers too
  • pads are made from bamboo and corn fibre, with no hidden nasty chemicals and 100% plastic free – wrapped individually and biodegradable, our period pads are as sustainable as you get
  • reusable pads are made from layers of absorbent bamboo fibres, they are good for the environment and good for you too
  • menstrual cups are the most sustainable solution for your period – this latex free period cup is a reusable alternative to disposable menstrual products

Where can I get products from if I'm caught short?

The provision of products in East Ayrshire takes into account the many ways in which we prepare for periods, but sometimes, we can all be caught off guard!

We have therefore made products available in public locations around East Ayrshire to make sure you have free access to products when you need them.

You can also download the PickupMyPeriod App.

Contact Information

Corporate Support
Council Headquarters
London Road
Telephone: 01563 576075