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We are undertaking Close the Gap’s Equally Safe Accreditation Programme. 

Equally Safe recognises that employers have a key role to play because violence against women is an employment issue whether it occurs inside or outside of the workplace. East Ayrshire Council is working towards Equally Safe at Work Accreditation programme, which highlights our continued commitment to gender equality and will help us support victim-survivors of violence against women.

The UN Women and The International Labour Organisation (ILO) have stated that violence against women results in greater economic and social inequalities, disrupts economic empowerment of women and entrenches negative stereotypes against women.

We have a vital role to play in advancing gender equality and challenging violence against women. We will develop employment policies and practice that are sensitive to the needs of victim-survivors, take action to prevent violence against women at work, and take account of women's different experiences in all aspects of the workplace.

Close the gap

The programme enables employers to better support employees who have experienced gender-based violence and work towards creating an inclusive workplace culture that prevents violence against women.

Equally Safe at Work is a tiered programme which enables councils to progress from building a foundation for change to embedding a strong culture of gender equality within the organisation. The bronze, silver and gold tiers are cumulative, and councils progress to the next level once the required criteria at each stage is achieved and maintained. 

The programme supports the implementation of Scotland’s national strategy to tackle violence Against Women and Girls (Equally Safe). The strategy, which is jointly owned by Scottish Government and COSLA, recognises that violence against women is a cause and consequence of wider gender inequality. Addressing gender inequality in the workplace is therefore a fundamental step in preventing violence against women

Equally safe at work statement

We have published a public statement signed by the Chief Executive and the Council Leader in support of Equally Safe at Work.

Download our Equally Safe at Work Statement (PDF 606Kb)

Advice and information

Get advice and information on the following topics, including where victims can go for support in East Ayrshire:

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