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Alongside all other authorities across Scotland, we have engaged with the Government Policy: Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach.

The '1' being the mother tongue -English + '2' Modern Languages. In other words, all primary school children should have knowledge of two Modern Languages before they leave to go on to the Broad General Education (S1-S3).

This policy should be fully implemented across Scotland by August 2022, which was extended due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Gaelic learning in english medium education (1+2 approach)

Over the last four years, many primary school children have been given the opportunity to learn some basic Gaelic words, phrases and songs to introduce them to the Gaelic language. Lessons were delivered either in blocks of so many weeks and/or taster sessions in Assemblies. 

In some circumstances, pupils were able to extend their knowledge and understanding either through performing arts as a whole school production or through outdoor education, working alongside the charity Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust.

The Trust were keen to develop and install bilingual signage on a series of information posts throughout the Lainshaw Woodlands, which can be visited as a part of the outdoor education interdisciplinary learning experience and can be used to gain educational awards, such as the John Muir Trust Award.

First modern language

In East Ayrshire, we have chosen French as the first Modern Language which is taught from Primary 1 to Primary 7. This is called the L2. 

Second modern language

By Primary 5 at the latest, the school should introduce a second Modern Language or Scottish Gaelic. This is called the L3.

Schools can choose from a list of L3 languages, however in most cases, it would be a language that can be continued in the senior phase. Spanish is the most popular in East Ayrshire, followed by Gaelic, German, Mandarin and British Sign Language or Scots.

Gaelic medium education

In the case of Gaelic Medium Education, pupils are immersed in Gaelic for the first two years of primary education, being the 'mother tongue'. All subjects are taught through the medium of Gaelic.

English is introduced in Primary 3 and French is taught from P5 onwards. This still measures up to the 1+2 Approach Policy Guidelines.

Teachers are provided with the appropriate modern resources to be able to teach languages in a fun and interesting way.  For those teachers who are interested in teaching Gaelic, The Gaelic Language Learning (GLL) training course on the Go Gaelic website is offered on a yearly basis

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