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Demolitions and dangerous structures

Property owners are responsible for looking after their property and maintaining it in a good state of repair. If you fail to do so and allow it to fall into such a state of disrepair that it becomes dangerous and puts public safety at risk, then we have powers to ensure that the building occupants, members of the public and anyone in adjoining buildings are not put at any risk.

Building Standards has a responsibility to deal with dangerous buildings as they occur. Buildings may become gradually dangerous due to old age, deterioration or settlement, or by more dramatic causes such as storm, explosion, fire or impact by vehicles. All buildings which appear to be dangerous should be reported to us and we will treat the matter with the utmost urgency.

If we consider that a building is immediately dangerous, we can request immediate evacuation and take any action necessary to protect the public and adjacent property. Such action may involve temporary road closure, barricading, shoring, scaffolding, repairs or demolition.

Where the building is not immediately dangerous we would issue the owner with a Notice requesting the property to be made safe within a stated time. If satisfactory action is not taken, we may issue an Enforcement Order. If this is not complied with, we can instruct all necessary works to make the building safe and recover expenses from the owner. Depending on the severity of the situation, we could ultimately enforce demolition of the building.

All costs, including administration costs, will be recharged to the owner.

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