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Rights of way, core paths and footpaths

The Development Planning and Regeneration team deal with path stopping up and diversion orders, liaising with our colleagues at East Ayrshire Leisure Trust.

  • You can find out if a path is a Right of Way using our Online Mapping.
  • You can find out if a path is a core path by looking at the Core Path Plan on East Ayrshire Leisure's website.

Apply for footpath diversion or stopping up order

To apply for a footpath diversion order or stopping up order please contact us, details below.

Please note that the process requires adverts to be placed in the local press and these are charged at full cost recovery as per our scale of fees (PDF 168Kb).


For enquiries in respect of path blockages, condition or disputes please contact East Ayrshire Leisure Trust on 0845 724 00 00 and ask to speak to the Access Officer.

Current notices

Register of Notices served by East Ayrshire Council:

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