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What is a placemaking plan?

Placemaking is a process where local people consider their priorities for the improvement to the places where they live. It involves the Council and Community Steering Groups working together to coproduce a map of the community to identify areas which need improvement and how they these improvements might be made.  After wide ranging consultation the priorities for improvements become part of planning policy as guidance to the Local Development Plan.

Who does it belong to?

The map and action programme represent the wishes of each community. Control of that content lies with the Community Steering Groups which work with the Council to compile them prior to the adoption of the plan.

Why is it useful?

Once adopted, the plan becomes part of Local Planning Policy. This means it has influence and has to be taken into consideration by private developers or public sector organisations when considering development or investment in that community.

It is also useful to grant funders as a visual representation of the priorities identified by the community. It gives back up evidence that these priorities have been through a rigorous process of community identification and wider independent scrutiny in order to become planning policy.

How is it formed?

The placemaking plan builds on the community priorities identified in the Community Led Action Plan, separating out the spatial priorities and, using local knowledge, highlighting these on a map of the settlement.

What is involved?

The procedure for developing a Placemaking Plan follows these basic steps:

  • identification of community priorities for improvement
  • verification and logging of placemaking features and actions
  • mapping and validation of placemaking features and actions
  • informal consultation with affected properties 

Where can I see these placemaking plans?

Once the placemaking process has been completed and approved, you can view the plans online.

Placemaking consultations

View and comment on current consultations.

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