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Blue bin

The recycling trolley collection service replaced the blue bin (paper and card) collection service. Paper and card collections are now included within the weekly recycling trolley service.

Blue bins reused as garden or landfill waste bins

Collected blue bins can be reused by householders as garden waste and landfill waste collection containers.

The supplied blue bin will be labelled with a sticker detailing its new use. Reusing the blue bins in this way minimises the purchase of new bins to provide our kerbside collection services.

If you still have your blue bin and wish it to be collected, please contact Cleaner Communities.

Collection day

Place the blue bin at your normal collection point by 6:30am on your collection day.

Check your bin collection day

Contact Information

Cleaner Communities
Western Road Depot
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 01563 554400