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I have a new recycling trolley

The recycling trolley collection service is being introduced in 2018 and should be completed by Monday 16 July. This replaces the blue bin collection service. To find out more about your recycling trolley and the changes, visit the recycling trolley and frequently asked questions pages.

I have a blue bin

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Your 240L blue bin is for recycling clean paper and cardboard and is collected every four weeks.
To check when your blue bin is next scheduled to be emptied view your recycling calendar.

Your can place the following items in your blue bin:

  • newspapers
  • junk mail
  • magazines
  • cardboard boxes
  • card food packaging – cereal box, egg box, toothpaste box
  • envelopes and paper
  • telephone directories such as yellow pages

Please do not place the following in your blue bin:

  • plastic bags, including magazine wrapping
  • books (hard back)
  • cardboard that has been contaminated with food residue

These cannot be recycled using the same process so should be put into your landfill waste bin (green/grey bin ).

If the wrong items are placed in your blue bin, it may not be collected. If this happens a contamination sticker will be placed on your bin lid with a contact number to call. Once the contaminant is removed please call the number to arrange for your bin to be emptied.

If you have extra paper and cardboard, you can present this in blue sacks beside your blue bin on collection day or tie together extra cardboard and place it beside your blue bin. Blue sacks can be collected from our offices at Western Road, Kilmarnock. Alternatively, you can take extra paper and cardboard to your nearest recycling centre or local recycling point. Extra blue bins are available free of charge to households that dispose of a greater volume of paper and cardboard. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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