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Your green (or grey) 240L general waste bin (landfill waste) is for items that you cannot recycle, such as disposable nappies and polystyrene. Your green/grey bin is uplifted every three weeks.  

From 6 November 2017 new landfill waste collection routes will operate across the authority.  During October 2017 you will be issued with a letter containing details of how this change will affect your household.  The letter will detail one of the following:

  • there is no change to your collection
  • there is a change to your collection day, with no impact on your three weekly uplift pattern
  • the change means your 3 weekly uplift pattern is being exceeded - the letter details the arrangements we are putting in place to deal with your excess waste 

The letter will also detail your collection arrangements from 1 October 2017 to 16 February 2018.  In early 2018 your annual collection calendar will be issued which will detail all collections including the new recycling trolley collection service. To find out more, visit the recycling trolley and frequently asked questions pages. 

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By recycling all your food , plastics, paper, cardboard, garden waste, glass and cans, textiles, small electrical equipment and household batteries you should create enough space in your general waste bin to suit your needs.  

Bins and containers highlights how to use the containers provided. You can also download a copy of your recycling calendar to ensure you know when your bins should be put out for collection. 

Service booklets

The following service booklets detail how your collection services operate:

Three weekly uplifts

In November 2014,  East Ayrshire Council's Cabinet approved the introduction of a three weekly collections for landfill waste.  This decision was made due to the availability of kerbside recycling for household materials, and to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. 

Sending waste to landfill is a significant cost to the Council. Landfill tax is charged per tonne of waste uplifted. Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill allows us provide a reliable and cost effective service. 

Excess waste

In an effort to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and encourage residents to recycle as much of their waste as possible, we will not uplift additional bags from beside your bin. Please also ensure your bin lid is fully closed as we may be unable to uplift overfilled bins. If your bin is full before your collection day you can take any excess waste to the recycling centres, but we would encourage you to recycle as much as possible.  General waste containers across East Ayrshire  have a sticker applied to encourage recycling. This sticker will ask you to stop and think about what you are about to place in your general bin.

If you find you regularly have excess waste you may qualify for a larger capacity 360L bin. These bins are issued subject to your household fully participating with our kerbside recycling service and the completion of a waste audit and diary as detailed in the Customer Charter. Please note failure to complete either of these documents would void your application. Please contact us to discuss your eligibility to receive an larger container.

Frequently asked questions

As part of the Scottish Government's vision of a Zero Waste Society, challenging recycling targets for local authorities were established in 2008. They stated by 2013 - 50% and then by 2020 - 60% of waste generated is recycled or composted. East Ayrshire Council recycled just over 50% of collected household waste in 2014. In order to meet the 2020 target, more material needs to be diverted from landfill. Increasing our recycling performance will also bring financial savings. 

In 2014, 57% of items in our green/grey bins could have been recycled at the kerbside.

Your separate food waste bin will be emptied weekly, this should reduce odours from your general waste bin. Wrapping items which may create an odour tightly in plastic bags  will prevent any smells from your bin.  If you have concerns re smells, for example, from nappies, please contact us to discuss and we can offer assistance.

Real nappies (washable) are an alternative to disposable nappies - we can supply a trial of real nappies to interested households - available subject to stock. 

Your pet waste should be bagged securely (double bagged) and placed within your general waste bin. There is no separate provision for pet waste. Should you wish to use, the general waste skips at the recycling centres can be used to deposit pet waste.

Your bin should not attract vermin as long as the lid is kept closed. Animals only see bins as a food source. If all food is placed in your lockable food bin they should have no interest in your general bin.

Your collection calendar highlights which bins should be put out, and by following the guide on the recycling calendar webpage, you can link your personal Microsoft Outlook calendar with your recycling calendar. We've also introduced an additional blue bin collection at Christmas to assist with the extra paper and cardboard produced at this time. 

Yes, you can have additional recycling bins/boxes. This covers all recycling collections.

No. Please also ensure the lid of your bin closes.

Requests for a larger green bin will be considered on an individual basis, and will require the completion of a waste audit and a waste diary. Our customer charter provides additional information.

If you are on our sack service (instead of containers), then the coloured sacks match the bin provision in the leaflet: lilac sacks for general waste, blue sacks for paper and card and biodegradable sacks for garden waste. Present these sacks in line with your collection calendar.

On each collection day, containers should be presented by 6.30am.  Three weekly uplifts, means you are required to occasionally present your green bin alongside other containers - check your collection calendar for details . 

  • As different vehicles will service your different containers, please do not report a missed collection until 2.30pm on your collection day. 
  • If you receive a pullout (assisted collection service) this will apply to all of your containers 

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