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Search for your property to find out your collection days, including festive collection arrangements, kerbside recycling and waste collections by viewing/downloading your online calendar. The calendar details your:

  • blue bin and black box
  • brown brown bin and black box
  • food and plastics collection service
  • general waste - your green or grey landfill bin  - this bin should only contain waste which cannot be recycled  

Understanding your collection calendar

Your collection calendar uses a combination of shape and colour to show  your collection frequency.

The calendar highlights all of your recycling and general waste uplifts.  Uplifting your general waste bin every 3 weeks means that every 6 weeks you will present your general waste bin alongside a reycling bin (and black box).

A star symbol over your collection date means the general waste bin is due to be collected. The colour of the star highlights  if another bin is also due to be collected that day e.g. a Blue star with G inside means you green and blue bins are due for collection.

Your recycling calendar

View your recycling calendar for a detailed explanation of what bin to put out. If you would like to view your recycling calendar on your phone, PC or tablet, follow the instructions on the recycling calendar page.

Which bin, which day?

You will normally have two collection days per week.

One day will be for your red box and food bins. These boxes are emptied every week on the same day each week.

Your larger wheelie bins will normally be collected on a sperate day. Although this day remains the same each week the colour of bin you should put out will change.

What to put in each bin

  • your blue bin for paper and cardboard is collected every four weeks. From December 2015 an extra blue bin collection is available at Christmas to help you cope with additional paper/card waste generated at this time of the year - View your recycling calendar to see when your extra collection will take place this year
  • your brown bin for green garden waste is collected every four weeks - this is a seasonal collection (generally between March to November each year) - View your recycling calendar for your collection dates
  • your black box for glass, cans, aerosols and household batteries  is collected every two weeks along with either the blue or brown bin - the black box is still collected when the seasonal brown bin collections don't take place
  • your red box for mixed plastic is collected weekly
  • your green bin (or grey bin) for household general waste is collected every three weeks.  

Towns and villages

Black boxes will be uplifted along with your blue and brown bins - a collection every two weeks.

Full details of how our town and village collections operate can be found in our service booklet Towns and villages - three weekly.

Rural households

Black boxes will be uplifted along with the food waste bin and red box.  Full details of how the rural collection service operates are outlined in our service booklet - Rural areas - three weekly.

Service booklets

Our service booklets provide you with guidance on what materials can be recycled in each of the containers provided.  Should you need additional or replacement recycling containers please contact us either by phone or online via our reporting form.

The following service booklets apply:

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