Garden waste services

The way you dispose of your garden waste changed on 26 March 2021, following an extensive review of waste management that was carried out to help make our approach to waste more sustainable in response to rising costs and changing legislation.

A garden waste permit is now required for this service.

Your brown bin

brown bin

Your 240L brown bin (or biodegradeable sacks) is for all types of garden waste and will be collected every four weeks.

Please note: Should you collect garden waste between December and February please do not place within your green general waste bin - store it in your brown bin or take it to your nearest Recycling Centre

Collection day

Place the brown bin at your normal collection point by 6.30am on your collection day.

Check your bin collection day

What you can and can't recycle


✔ Grass cuttings
✔ Leaves and bark
✔ Flowers
✔ Hedge trimmings and prunings
✔ Weeds
✔ Twigs and small branches – cut into lengths to fit
✔ Cut flowers
✔ Potted plants and herbs (minus pot)
✔ Windfall fruit
✔ Sawdust

✘ Plastics bags
✘ Kitchen waste, for example meat, dairy or vegetable peelings*
✘ Pet waste
✘ Soil and turf**
✘ Stones**

Where to recycle:

*  Place in food caddy
** Take to Recycling Centre

Zero Waste Scotland's recycling sorter

You can also visit the Zero Waste Scotland website and use their online recycling sorter for any local authority in Scotland.

Top tips

  • If you do not have a brown bin please use the supplied biodegradable sacks for your garden waste instead
  • Take your excess garden waste to your nearest Recycling Centre where it will be recycled, and you can collect your free Compost To Go at the same time

What happens to the collected garden waste?

Your collected garden waste is recycled into an accredited compost like product which can be collected free of charge from the Recycling Centres.

Contact Information

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Western Road Depot
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 01563 554400