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Black and red boxes

Black and red recycling boxes

Your black and red boxes can be used for excess and additional recycling.

Collection day

Place the boxes at your normal collection point by 6.30am on your collection day.

What you can and can't recycle


Place all bagged items in box(es) or place on top of recycling trolley unless otherwise advised.

Bagged and tied

✔ Paper and card
✔ Plastics and cans
✔ Clean and dry textiles,including paired shoes
✔ Household batteries - tie loosely to trolley handle


✔ Mixed glass – in either red or black box
✔ Plastics and cans – contained in red box by net
✔ Large flattened card - place alongside the recycling trolley on collection day

Small electricals

✔ Items such as hairdryers, kettles, drills, small games consoles (no bigger in size than a standard four slice toaster) within the box. If an item is too big it will be left at the kerbside.

Large electricals

✔ All larger electrical items such as TVs, microwaves, computers and fridges can be taken directly to  our Recycling Centres by residents themselves. Items can also be collected by Waste Management Services if a  bulky uplift service is requested. 

✘ No liquids
✘ Large electricals*
✘ Loose batteries in box
✘ Loose or soiled/wet textiles
✘ Carpets*
✘ Duvets*
✘ Cushions*
✘ Pillows*
✘ Do not mix bagged materials– the crew will check and if mixed will be left

*If in good condition can be reused via Recycling Centres or donated to charities

Top tips

  • Try not to place your red or black box out on windy days – either store until next week or take to your nearest recycling centre or recycling point.

  • Do not pierce, crush or flatten aerosols before recycling. Clean aluminium foil and food trays can be placed in the black box too.

  • To check if a foil container is aluminium, put it through a ‘scrunch’ test. Simply scrunch the item in your fist, then release your grip. If the foil has stayed scrunched, then it is aluminium, and can be recycled. If it pops out into its original form, it is not aluminium and should be put in your green/grey bin.

What happens to your collected waste

Because metals like aluminium and steel aren’t altered when they are melted down they can be endlessly recycled. The recycling process saves up to 95% of the energy compared to making the metals from their raw materials, as well as cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Each household uses approximately 600 food tins 380 drink cans per year. Recycling one can saves enough energy to power a computer for one hour or power a television for three hours. ( Metal Matters).

It can take as little as six weeks for a drink can to be recycled, and back on the supermarket shelf as another can.

The average household uses 27 aerosols, 182 foil trays each year. Britain uses over 425,000 miles of household foil every year - that'll take you around the world 17 times. ( Metal Matters)

Contact Information

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