Recycling A-Z 

View our A-Z to find out what you can and can't recycle 

Recycling calendar

View and download a recycling calendar for your address

Recycling centres

Find your nearest recycling centre or local recycling point

Recycling collection service guide

Information booklet on how your recycling collection services operate

Commercial waste

Waste and recycling information for businesses, including how to book an online appointment

Recycling information

Information about why we need to recycle and our kerbside recycling service

Reusable nappies

Find out about reusable nappies and how they are easy to use, cheap and better for the environment

Home composting

Information on how to produce your own home compost and our Compost to Go scheme

Schools and community groups

Find out how you can raise funds through recycling activities in your school or community

Contact Information

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