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Home composting

Home composting is an easy way to dispose of organic matter such as grass cuttings, weeds, plants and vegetable peelings to produce a material suitable for use at home.

We do not supply compost bins to residents. Compost bins are available to purchase either from DIY stores and Garden Centres or via the internet. 

By composting at home you can:

  • produce a useful product that you can then use as mulch, as a soil conditioner, a lawn conditioner or as part of a seed and potting mix
  • help to reduce organic waste being sent to landfill. Methane is produced when kitchen and garden waste breaks down in landfill - methane is a powerful greenhouse gas
  • help to reduce the demand for peat based products 

How to compost

When composting it is important to have a mix of green and brown materials in your compost bin.

The green materials which contain lost of nitrogen will break down quickly: 

  • raw fruit and vegetables
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • egg shells
  • garden and house plants
  • grass cuttings
  • weeds
  • cut flowers

Brown materials break down more slowly and will add structure to your compost. They also create air pockets which are important for air circulation. Examples of brown materials are: 

  • scrunched up paper and cardboard
  • hedge trimmings
  • hay
  • wood chippings and sawdust
  • bedding from pet cages
  • twigs
  • feathers

A top tip is to add the same amount of green and brown materials to your compost mix.  If your compost mix becomes too wet add more brown, and if too dry, add more green.  You can also add water to add moisture, as required.

Turning your compost mix regularly encourages the breakdown of the material and helps ensure that air can flow though your mix.  Where possible, make sure your composter is in a sunny location in your garden and on top of soil to allow the worms to work their magic!

For more detailed information visit the Recycle for Scotland website.

Compost to go scheme

Our Compost To Go scheme enables East Ayrshire residents to collect supplies of this compost from the Recycling Centres at Western Road, Kilmarnock and at Garlaff near Cumnock, free of charge.

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