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Food waste bins

Food waste campaign

The Scottish Government, in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, has launched a new food waste campaign to:

  • increase the number of Scottish households proactively recycling their food waste
  • encourage more Scottish households to proactively reduce their food waste
  • increase the awareness of the environmental and personal benefits of reducing and recycling food waste
  • demonstrate the magnitude of food waste sent to landfill and its role in climate change
  • to direct people to for tips on reducing and recycling food waste

You can also follow Greener Scotland's campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Food waste bins

Your silver bin is for internal kitchen use. Your larger green bin for external use.bin - food waste

Your external green food waste bin is collected every week along with your recycling trolley. You can lock your green bin by securing the handle in the upright position.

Collection day

Place the food waste bin at your normal collection point by 6.30am on your collection day.

What you can and can't recycle


✔ Cooked and uncooked
✔ Dairy and eggshells
✔ Fish, meat and bones
✔ Fruit and vegetables (and peelings)
✔ Bread and cakes
✔ Rice, pasta and pizza
✔ Tea bags and coffee grounds
✔ Pet foods
✔ Unpackaged out of date food

✘ Liquids
✘ Food packaging with food residue

Replacement liners 

When you need replacement liners you should tie a liner to the handle of the green bin when your supply is beginning to run low and the crew will place a new roll in the caddy once emptied. Alternatively you can collect liners from the following offices:

  • Customer Service Centres - Cumnock, Galston, and  Stewarton
  • Waste Management Services Office - Western Road Kilmarnock

If your food liners temporarily run out, simply line your containers with newspaper and then fill as normal. Please do not use carrier bags or non-biodegradable plastic bags to collect food waste. Alternatively supermarkets also sell biodegradable food liners.

Filled kitchen liners/wrapped food waste from your small silver bin should be transferred to the external green bin. You should only place the green external food waste bin at the kerbside for collection.

You should not place food waste loose in your food bin.

Top tips

  • Even those of us with pets will produce food waste
  • Please do not place containers in your food bins

    Contact Information

    Waste Management Services
    Western Road Depot
    East Ayrshire
    KA3 1LL
    Telephone: 01563 554033