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In order to reduce environmental impact and associated disposal costs, we are committed to diverting as much waste as possible from landfill.

This has a direct impact on the business sector, as the Council is committed to reducing the costs associated with waste produced by businesses.

Providing a local collection service to suit your needs

We will engage with your business to provide you with a local collection service which will best fit the needs of your individual business, and which complies with legislative requirements surrounding the collection and disposal of wastes.

The Zero Waste Plan and the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012

The Scottish Government's Zero Waste Plan sets out a strategic direction for waste policy in Scotland. The Scottish Government believes that waste is a resource and as such, should not be disposed to landfill, but should be sorted for recycling, leaving only limited amounts to be treated. To embed these principles and to apply a clarity of approach to all waste producers, waste operators, local authorities and others, the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 were ratified in May 2012.  

For businesses this means that:

  • all businesses will be required to present for collection their dry recyclate ie metals, plastics, glass, paper and card
  • for all businesses involved in food production, food retail or food preparation producing over 50kgs of food waste per week, food waste must also be presented for collection
  • for small businesses producing over 5kgs (roughly equivalent to a full supermarket carrier bag) of food waste per week, food waste must also be presented for collection

East Ayrshire Council fully supports and endorses the aims of the Zero Waste Plan and can offer your business the support required to ensure compliance with the Regulations.

East Ayrshire Council and Zero Waste Scotland recognise that many small businesses may require additional support to meet these requirements.

Zero Waste Scotland have produced a simple, five step process to stay within the law for organisations to follow. These steps will help ensure that the new regulations are being met. Should you need further information our Zero Waste Officers are available to discuss matters further.

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