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Grant application guidance notes

For further information download our Grant Application Guidance Notes (PDF 478Kb).

Conservation area appraisal

Download our Mauchline Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 5.08Mb)

Mauchline Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP)

Mauchline Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) instructed their Conservation Accredited Architects at Wylie Shanks Architects in 2020 to prepare the Mauchline Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP).

This was then formally adopted by East Ayrshire Council on Monday 27 March 2023 as a material consideration in the determination of applications for planning permission and statutory historic environment consents within Mauchline Conservation Area.

Read our Mauchline Conservation Management Plan (PDF 21.22 Mb)

Mauchline Conservation Area Gazetteer

To support the ongoing maintenance of all properties within the Conservation Area, Mauchline CARS conservation accredited architects prepared the Mauchline Conservation Area Gazetteer.

The Gazetteer is a "snapshot in time" of every historical property within the Conservation Area and its current priority grading at the time of preparing the Gazetteer. Furthermore this document is aimed to become a "living document" whereby it will be updated regularly when properties receive works.

This will include works under the grant funding supplied by Mauchline CARS and also any privately instructed works.

Read our Mauchline Gazetteer (PDF 11.34 Mb) 

Mauchline CARS Property Maintenance and Management Plan (MAMP)

Download our Maintenance and Management Plan 2022 (PDF 621Kb) with helpful advice regarding maintaining a traditional building.

Mauchline CARS colour palette

Prime development in central Mauchline was from the mid-18th century to early 20th century, half of the Georgian period and all of the Victorian period. Due to the fashion at the time and the affordable paint pigments that were available the traditional Victorian colour palette was dark, with rich shades of maroon, red, burgundy, chestnut, dark greens, browns and blue.

Download our specially curated Mauchline Colour Palette (PDF 1.05Mb) to aid you in choosing an appropriate paint colour for your property and its features.

Mauchline conservation area materials audit

In 2021 Mauchline CARS & Wylie Shanks instructed the Scottish Lime Centre Trust to complete a Materials Audit of various buildings within Mauchline Conservation Area. This audit will assist in assessing the appropriate materials for stone and mortar repairs to many of Mauchline's buildings currently being progressed for grant funding support.

Read more about our findings below:

Furthermore, please see specific properties Petrographics Analysis below:

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