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Responsibilities of the Integration Joint Board:

  • for the planning of Services - this will be achieved through the Strategic Plan
  • for the operational oversight of Integrated Services, and through the Chief Officer will be responsible for the operational management of Integrated Services
  • for the planning of Acute Services but the Health Board will be responsible for the operational oversight of Acute Service and through the Director for Acute Services will be responsible for operational management of Acute Services.  The Health Board will provide information on a regular basis to the Chief Officer and Integration Joint Board on the operational delivery of these Services
  • In respect of Lead Partnership in relation to - Out of Hours Social Work Services
    • responsibilities for the operational oversight of this service
    • through the Chief Officer, responsibility for the operational management on behalf of all the Ayrshire Integration Joint Boards, and
    • for the strategic planning and operational budget of the service

East Ayrshire Council has four elected members serving on the Board (2/1/1).

The specific functions delegated by East Ayrshire Council to the Integration Joint Board can be viewed in the Scheme of Delegation.

The services to which these functions relate, which are to be integrated are set out below:

  • social work services for adults and older people
  • services and support for adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities
  • mental health services
  • drug and alcohol services
  • adult protection and domestic abuse
  • carers support services
  • community care assessment teams
  • support services
  • care home services
  • adult placement services
  • health improvement services
  • aids and adaptations and gardening services
  • day services
  • local area co-ordination
  • respite provision
  • occupational therapy services
  • reablement services, equipment and telecare
  • criminal justice social work services
  • children and families social work services
  • the management of Out of Hours Social Work Service will be delegated to East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership on behalf of East, North and South Health and Social Care Partnerships

Such other services as may be agreed.

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