Appeals Panel


Five available Elected Members of the Council (3/1/1). (3 a quorum).

Chair shall be the Spokesperson for Strategic Planning, Management and Resources and Equalities and one of two other Members. 

The Chair and Members of an Appeals Panel will not include the Spokespersons of the relevant Service Department in which the appellant is employed or the Councillors of the Ward in which the appellant resides.  The Employee Relations Manager should also indicate if any other Councillors should be exempt by reason of possible involvement in a subsequent stage of the Appeal.

Terms of reference

1.  To determine appeals against:

     (a)  dismissals

     (b)  any disciplinary action taken by the Chief Executive

2.  To uphold or reject such appeals or order the varying of the disciplinary action taken.

3.  To decide upon grievances raised by Local Government Employees, Craftpersons and Chief Officials at Stage 4 of the Council’s Grievance Procedure.

Delegated powers

Full delegated powers to uphold or reject grievance, grading or disciplinary appeals, or to order the varying of disciplinary action taken in respect of Local Government Employees, Craftpersons and Chief Officials


Membership for the individual Panels will be arranged by the Chief Governance Officer in consultation with Leaders of the Administration and Opposition.

Contact Information

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Telephone: 01563 576137
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