Foster carers come from all walks of life, and all ethnic, cultural and religious groups:

  • you can be single, living with a partner, in a same sex relationship or married
  • you may have children of your own or none at all
  • you may be in a secure tenancy or a home owner
  • you may live in a flat or a house
  • you may or may not be in paid employment

Our children need foster carers who have a number of qualities:

  • ability to understand the child, their experiences and to empathise with them when they have been hurt or neglected
  • ability to be flexible and adaptable to the child’s needs
  • ability to negotiate, compromise and work as part of a team around the child including social work, education and health
  • ability to manage behaviour that can feel challenging and remain aware that the child is communicating with you about what they need
  • ability to provide guidance to the child
  • ability to enjoy the good times and help the child and yourself retain a sense of humour! 

Contact Information

Fostering and Adoption
Telephone: 0800 434 6633
Text 'Info - Adoption' or 'Info - Fostering' to 80039