There may be many reasons why registered foster carers wish to transfer from another agency. At East Ayrshire, as a placing local authority, our foster carers would tend to have children in placement more quickly and regularly than those in the independent or voluntary sectors.

How do I transfer?

East Ayrshire supports the transfer protocol that has been agreed between the local authority, voluntary and independent fostering providers. If you are interested in transferring you should contact us in the first instance. We will undertake an initial visit and if a transfer is possible you should make an application and inform your current agency of your intention to transfer. Your current agency should provide information to aid assessment which should be a shorter timescale than your original registration.

What if children are in placement with me?

If the children are placed by East Ayrshire they will transfer with you. We are not able to transfer children from other local authorities and would only consider your application where there was a firm plan for the children to move on from you in a planned way in keeping with their care plan. We would not support the premature ending of a placement as a result of transfer.

Fees and allowances

We will agree fees and allowances with you and have discretion to meet your current level of fees and allowances if you are with an independent or voluntary provider.



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