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“I have been a foster carer for over 30 years now and still love every moment of what I do. During that time I have looked after babies, children and teenagers and I remember every child I have cared for and will always remember them as each child is special in their own unique way. Being a foster carer means every day is different and the thing I enjoy most is seeing children grow in confidence and happiness.  

“East Ayrshire is a great Council to foster for and I have always felt supported by the fostering team and my worker. When you foster with East Ayrshire you become part of a community of foster carers who all support one another and always have the children at the heart of everything they do.

“Fostering means every day is different and every day is about learning. There can be days that are tricky but your worker and the fostering team are always there to support and help with any hurdles. East Ayrshire Council offers lots of training opportunities and support you to increase your skills and knowledge.

“Fostering is like no other role in the world and I have enjoyed every moment of my career, even the challenging times. To see a child smiling and going on to achieve a positive future is really a wonderful thing. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of fostering to contact the Council for more information.” 

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