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Thinking of becoming a foster carer but need to maintain a certain level of flexibility in your life?

Perhaps you’re unsure of how fostering would fit around your life, work and other commitments, or maybe you’d like to foster but don’t feel the time is right to do this full time.

If this sounds like you, becoming a short breaks foster carer could be the perfect next step.

Fit foster care into your life

Short breaks foster carers look after children for regular short periods, usually at weekends and during school holidays. It is sometimes called respite foster care.

Children might come to you for a one-off visit, or they might be linked with you and visit regularly. It’s the perfect option for anyone who wants to start their fostering journey without an immediate full time commitment.  

What’s more, short breaks foster carers provide full-time carers the time to recharge, give children in children’s houses a chance to relax and enjoy a family environment, and allow regular breaks for children with disabilities.

Becoming a short breaks foster carer means you can support a child to have a relaxed and enjoyable break, to laugh, play, and grow. Meanwhile you get to watch them have a positive experience provided by you.

Start your fostering journey

Just like standard fostering, providing short breaks foster care will enrich your life in countless ways, creating happy memories that will last a lifetime for both you and the child you care for.

So get in touch using our online enquiry form and take the first step today.

It might be the most rewarding thing you ever do.

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