Respite foster carers look after children and young people who live at home, with full time foster carers or in residential Children’s Houses. Care is needed for regular, short periods usually at weekends and during school holidays.

The children

The children may come for a one-off visit, or they may be linked with the respite carers and come regularly. Children can come from home or from kinship care arrangements to allow both themselves and their carer a break. Some children may have disabilities and require regular breaks.

Children may also be placed with full time foster carers who provide short-term care and require short breaks to recharge or to spend time with their own children. Children living in residential houses can benefit from regular family experiences to relax and enjoy a family environment. This can also be helpful in assessing whether children would like to be placed back within a family.

The commitment

Respite carers will be assessed and supported in the same way as full time carers. In linking you with a regular respite arrangement we need you to be able to commit to an agreed number of days per year.

The rewards

You can support a child to have a relaxed and enjoyable break, to laugh and be without normal pressures for a little while. Children see respite as a special break, time for them to have a bit of space. You get to watch them have a positive experience provided by you.


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