How soon will a child be placed?

As a placing agency our short-term and respite foster carers tend to have children placed quickly and regularly compared to agencies in the independent and voluntary sector. For permanent carers and adopters there is a longer process involved to explore the matching of a specific child with the carer.

I am already a foster carer, can I transfer?

Yes you can. Read about transferring from another fostering agency.

Can I still work?

Some of our foster carers have other jobs. As long as you are able to provide high quality care to a child and, through your support networks, provide a family for the child, then we will support this. Foster carers are expected to attend all formal meetings regarding a child placed with them and to utilise opportunities for supervision, support, learning and development.

Am I too old?

The legal age for fostering and adoption begins at 21 years. There is no upper age limit for fostering provided you are fit, active and healthy.

Do I need a big house?

Children need a loving family environment and a bedroom of their own. This can be provided in any permanent housing situation.

What if I smoke?

East Ayrshire is committed to providing a healthy smoke free environment for our children. Consequently, our foster carers and adopters will be expected to have stopped smoking from the point of application.

I know you will do checks - what if I have convictions?

We will carry out a check under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme. We will take account of the reasons and context of any previous convictions. Any convictions for violent offences or offences against vulnerable children or adults will prevent you from fostering.

What is the process?

Looking after children is a very important role. We need to ensure that you have the qualities we need for our children and that they will be safe with you. We will undertake a full assessment of yourself and your family including background checks, references and health checks. There are stages to the process which aid this assessment and help us to decide if this is the right path for you and our children.

The six stages of assessment

  • enquiry leads to telephone discussion
  • social worker visits you at home to discuss
  • group training with other potential carers called ‘preparation’
  • application, checks and home study assessment
  • Fostering and Adoption Panel approval and registration
  • placement of child/children

Contact Information

Fostering and Adoption
Telephone: 0800 434 6633
Text 'Info - Adoption' or 'Info - Fostering' to 80039