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Transition arrangements for Early Childhood Centres, Primary Schools and Special Educational Needs schools are managed by each individual school/centre. Please contact the school or early childhood centre direct for more information.

Early entry to primary school

If you are interested in your child staring primary school early, then please contact the school directly for more information and advice on your options.

Deferred entry to primary school

If your child is aged between four and a half and five, you can choose to enrol your child in school early, or defer entry until the following August. However, you can only do this if your child’s birthday falls between February and September. 

You’ll need to register your child at the school in your catchment area during enrolment week and the option to defer entry can be discussed. Dates will be publicised on our school admissions page, normally in January.

You can also discuss deferred entry with staff in an early childhood centre or partner centre (if attending). If your child does not go to an early childhood centre, or partner centre, you can get an application from your nearest centre.

For children with September to December birthdays, application forms need to be completed and returned to the above address before the last day in February.

Placing requests and appeals

If you want to send your child to a school outside your catchment area, you need to complete a school placing request form. However, if you do this, please remember that your child will not be entitled to free school transport to and from school.

Placing requests are decided by the Council’s Head of Education. If you wish to appeal a decision, you must do so, in writing, within 28 days of receiving it.

An appeals panel will be arranged, made up of a Councillor and two parent council representatives. An officer from legal services will also attend the hearing to provide advice to the panel. The panel will either grant your appeal, or agree with the original decision.

If you remain unhappy with the decision, you have the right to make a final appeal at the Sheriff Court within 28 days of the appeals panel's decision.

Further information is available on our school admissions and placing requests page.

Secondary schools

We work hard to make sure that every pupil benefits from an education best suited to their needs, helping them to succeed in school, in their community, in work and life.

To do that, we will offer an education that provides specialisation and depth, preparing pupils to gain the best possible results in their qualifications.

We also offer a wide range of activities and opportunities for pupils to develop skills for learning, life and work.

Our aim is for all pupils to leave school with an offer of a meaningful, appropriate, relevant and attractive prospect for further training, learning or employment.

All secondary schools work closely with a range of further education colleges, local businesses, third parties and the Council to offer a host of different training, education and experience opportunities to enhance their skills and prospects.

Looked after and accommodated young people

Sometimes, a child is unable to live at home and if this happens, we have a legal responsibility to care for them.

This care can be provided in foster families, residential houses, residential schools, or with relatives (Kinship Care) depending on their needs and circumstances.

Where possible, children will continue to go to their original school to minimise disruption to their lives. 

All schools have a staff member who will be aware of any looked after child at their school and they will help support any issues or concerns that child might have, making any other person involved in that child’s care aware of this.

Foster carers and residential care staff who act in place of a child’s parents are also given exactly the same support and advice we would give to any other parent.

In these situations, a child’s teacher will usually be made aware of the circumstances and they will be supported by school management and social workers, if appropriate.

Children who are looked after and accommodated will be supported, included and treated no differently in school than their peers.

Contact Information

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