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School handbooks

See our school handbooks page for general information that forms part of the handbook for all early childhood centres.

Contact information: Early Childhood Centres
Name (click on link for full details) Town
Auchinleck Early Childhood Centre Auchinleck
Lee McPhail, Head Teacher
01290 421260
School Handbook
Beechwood Nursery (Partner Centre) Kilmarnock
Alison Harrison, acting manager
01563 573555
Bellsbank Early Childhood Centre Bellsbank
Donald Currie, Head Teacher
01292 551195
School Handbook
Burns Bairns (Partner Centre) Mauchline
Kim Malone
Cairns Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Laura Campbell, Head of Centre
01563 533177
School Handbook
Catrine Early Childhood Centre Catrine
Judith Govans, Head Teacher
01290 551233
School Handbook
Cherry Trees Early Childhood Centre Cumnock
Claire Jones, Acting Head of Centre
01290 427280 Option 4
Craighead Country Nursery Mauchline
Elspeth Goldie
01290 559217
Crosshouse Early Childhood Centre Crosshouse
Tina Gaitens, Head Teacher
01563 554972
School Handbook
Dalmellington Early Childhood Centre Dalmellington
Fiona Greig, Head Teacher
01292 550364
School Handbook
Dalrymple Early Childhood Centre Dalrymple
Heather Sabatini, Head Teacher
01292 560368
School Handbook
Darvel Early Childhood Centre Darvel
Lisa Rattray, Head of Centre
01560 320785
School Handbook
Dean Park Nursery (Partner Centre) Kilmarnock
Suzanne Hollywood
01563 539128
Drongan Early Childhood Centre Drongan
Sean Maddocks, Head Teacher
01292 591521
School Handbook
Dunlop Early Childhood Centre Dunlop
Laura Kelly, Head Teacher
01560 484098
School Handbook
Fenwick Early Childhood Centre Fenwick
Jamie Houston, Head Teacher
01560 600403
Flexible Childcare Services Scotland Kilmarnock
Lindsey Scott, Manager
01563 593222
Flowerbank Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Margaret Blades, Head of Centre
01563 522722
School Handbook
Galston Early Childhood Centre Galston
Dawn Waide, Head of Centre
01563 820360
School Handbook
Gargieston Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Julie McKee, Head Teacher
01563 533067
School Handbook
Grasshoppers Nursery Kilmarnock
Genna Lusk
01563 571598
Hillbank Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Lee Boyd, Head of Centre
01563 521064
School Handbook
Hurlford & Crookedholm Early Learning/Childcare Hurlford
Tina Thomson
07967 115689
Hurlford Early Childhood Centre Hurlford
Mrs Gillian Campbell, Head Teacher
01563 525098
School Handbook
James Hamilton Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Julie Clelland, Head of Centre
01563 558508
School Handbook
Kilmaurs Early Childhood Centre Kilmaurs
Jackie McClung, Head of Centre
01563 538674
School Handbook
Lainshaw Early Childhood Centre Stewarton
Mr Jason Johnstone, Head Teacher
01560 483653
School Handbook
Littlemill Early Childhood Centre Rankinston
Heather Sabatini, Head Teacher
01292 590221
School Handbook
Loanhead Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Amanda Milne, Head Teacher
01563 522938
Logan Early Childhood Centre Logan
Denise MacColl, Head Teacher
01290 421916
School Handbook
Mauchline Early Childhood Centre Mauchline
Robyn Davidson, Head Teacher
01290 550306
School Handbook
Muirkirk Early Childhood Centre Muirkirk
Anne McLean, Head Teacher
01290 661350
School Handbook
Nether Robertland Early Childhood Centre Stewarton
Leanne Strathearn, Head of Centre
01560 486695
School Handbook
Netherthird Early Childhood Centre Cumnock
Jemma Donnelly, Head Teacher
01290 425823
School Handbook
New Cumnock Early Childhood Centre New Cumnock
Maria Clarke-McKay, Head of Centre...
01290 338593
School Handbook
Newmilns Early Childhood Centre Newmilns
Jillian McCracken, Head Teacher
01560 320915
School Handbook
Onthank Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Fiona Kellett, Head of Centre
01563 534660
School Handbook
Patna Early Childhood Centre Patna
Claire McPhail, Head Teacher
01292 531271
School Handbook
Riccarton Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Gillian Johnston, Head of Centre
01563 535633
School Handbook
Sgoil-àraich na Coille Nuaidh - William McIlvanney Kilmarnock
Lorraine Dougan, Head Teacher
01563 558505
School Handbook
Shortlees Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Wendy Connelly, Head Teacher
01563 533678
School Handbook
St Andrews Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Ann Murray, Head Teacher
01563 549549
School Handbook
The Avenue Childcare Services Kilmarnock
Pauline Barbour
01563 572828
Whatriggs Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Elaine Kirk, Head of Centre
01563 546776
School Handbook

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