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Early learning and childcare centres


See our school handbooks page for general information that forms part of the handbook for all early childhood centres.

Contact information: Early Childhood Centres
Name (click on link for full details) Town
Auchinleck Early Childhood Centre Auchinleck
Contact: Jacqueline Hanlon, Head Teacher
  01290 421260
  School Handbook
Barshare Early Childhood Centre Cumnock
Contact: Angela Hastings, Head Teacher
  01290 422212
  School Handbook
Beechwood Nursery (Partner Centre) Kilmarnock
Contact: Seonaid Gardiner
  01563 573555
Bellsbank Early Childhood Centre Bellsbank
Contact: Donald Currie, Head Teacher
  01292 551195
  School Handbook
Burns Bairns (Partner Centre) Mauchline
Contact: Clare Dykes
Cairns Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Sandra Barr
  01563 533177
  School Handbook
Catrine Early Childhood Centre Catrine
Contact: Judith Govans, Head Teacher
  01290 551233
  School Handbook
Craighead Country Nursery Mauchline
Contact: Elspeth Goldie
  01290 559217
Crosshouse Early Childhood Centre Crosshouse
Contact: Tina Gaitens, Head Teacher
  01563 532300
  School Handbook
Dalmellington Early Childhood Centre Dalmellington
Contact: Claire Mullin, Head Teacher
  01292 550364
  School Handbook
Dalrymple Early Childhood Centre Dalrymple
Contact: Simon Leitch
  01292 560368
  School Handbook
Darvel Early Childhood Centre Darvel
Contact: Dawn Waide, Head Teacher
  01560 320785
  School Handbook
Dean Park Nursery (Partner Centre) Kilmarnock
Contact: Suzanne Hollywood
  01563 539128
Drongan Early Childhood Centre Drongan
Contact: Sean Maddocks, Head Teacher
  01292 591521
  School Handbook
Dunlop Early Childhood Centre Dunlop
Contact: Pamela Wilson, Head Teacher
  01560 484098
  School Handbook
Fenwick Early Childhood Centre Fenwick
Contact: Robyn Davidson
  01560 600403
Flowerbank Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Margaret Blades, Head Teacher
  01563 522722
  School Handbook
Galston Early Childhood Centre Galston
Contact: Shona Murphy, Head Teacher
  01563 820360
  School Handbook
Gargieston Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Julie McKee, Head Teacher
  01563 533067
  School Handbook
Grasshoppers Nursery Kilmarnock
Contact: Linda McNair
  01563 571598
Greenmill Early Childhood Centre Cumnock
Contact: Cindy O’Driscoll
  01290 421352
  School Handbook
Hillbank Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Isabelle Campbell, Head Teacher
  01563 521064
  School Handbook
Hurlford & Crookedholm Early Learning/Childcare Hurlford
Contact: Tina Thomson
  07967 115689
Hurlford Early Childhood Centre Hurlford
Contact: Mrs Gillian Campbell, Head Teacher
  01563 525098
  School Handbook
James Hamilton Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Julie Clelland, Head of Centre
  01563 558508
  School Handbook
Kilmaurs Early Childhood Centre Kilmaurs
Contact: Jackie McClung, Head of Centre
  01563 538674
  School Handbook
Lainshaw Early Childhood Centre Stewarton
Contact: Mr Jason Johnstone, Head Teacher
  01560 483653
  School Handbook
Littlemill Early Childhood Centre Rankinston
Contact: Simon Leitch
  01292 590221
  School Handbook
Logan Early Childhood Centre Logan
Contact: Denise MacColl, Head Teacher
  01290 421916
  School Handbook
Mauchline Early Childhood Centre Mauchline
Contact: Lorraine Dougan, Head Teacher
  01290 550306
  School Handbook
Muirkirk Early Childhood Centre Muirkirk
Contact: Anne McLean, Head Teacher
  01290 661350
  School Handbook
Nether Robertland Early Childhood Centre Stewarton
Contact: Sheree Moran, Head of Centre
  01560 480362
  School Handbook
Netherthird Early Childhood Centre Cumnock
Contact: Jemma Donnelly, Acting Head Teacher
  01290 425823
  School Handbook
New Cumnock Early Childhood Centre New Cumnock
Contact: Maria Clarke-McKay, Head Teacher
  01290 338593
  School Handbook
Newmilns Early Childhood Centre Newmilns
Contact: Jillian McCracken, Head Teacher
  01560 320915
  School Handbook
Onthank Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Fiona Kellett, Head of Centre
  01563 534660
  School Handbook
Patna Early Childhood Centre Patna
Contact: Sharon Yorston, Head Teacher
  01292 531271
  School Handbook
Riccarton Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Teresa Porter, Head of Centre
  01563 535633
  School Handbook
Sgoil-àraich na Coille Nuaidh - William McIlvanney Kilmarnock
Contact: Diane Wright
  01563 558505
  School Handbook
Shortlees Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Wendy Connelly, Head Teacher
  01563 533678
  School Handbook
St Andrews Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Ann Murray, Head Teacher
  01563 549549
  School Handbook
Whatriggs Early Childhood Centre Kilmarnock
Contact: Elaine Kirk, Head of Centre
  01563 546776
  School Handbook

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