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School handbooks

See our school handbooks page for general information that forms part of the handbook for all primary schools.

Contact information: Schools - Primary
Name (click on link for full details) Town
Annanhill Primary School Kilmarnock
Emma Johnstone, Head Teacher
01563 549988
School Handbook
Auchinleck Primary School Auchinleck
Lee McPhail, Head Teacher
01290 420504
School Handbook
Bellsbank Primary School Bellsbank
Donald Currie, Head Teacher
01292 550305
School Handbook
Catrine Primary School Catrine
Judith Govans, Head Teacher
01290 551436
School Handbook
Crosshouse Primary School Crosshouse
Tina Gaitens, Head Teacher
01563 521459
School Handbook
Dalmellington Primary School Dalmellington
Fiona Greig, Head Teacher
01292 550364
School Handbook
Dalrymple Primary School Dalrymple
Heather Sabatini, Acting Head Teacher
01292 560368
School Handbook
Darvel Primary School Darvel
David McIlwraith, Acting Head Teacher
01560 320257
School Handbook
Drongan Primary School Drongan
Sean Maddocks, Head Teacher
01292 591291
School Handbook
Dunlop Primary School Dunlop
Laura Kelly, Head Teacher
01560 484098
School Handbook
Fenwick Primary School Fenwick
Jamie Houston, Head Teacher
01560 600403
School Handbook
Galston Primary School Galston
Shona Murphy, Head Teacher
01563 820221
School Handbook
Gargieston Primary School Kilmarnock
Julie McKee, Head Teacher
01563 533067
School Handbook
Hillhead Primary School Kilmarnock
Stephen Spooner, Acting Head Teacher
01563 521504
School Handbook
Hurlford Primary School Hurlford
Gillian Campbell, Head Teacher
01563 525098
School Handbook
James Hamilton Primary School Kilmarnock
Lorraine Dougan, Head Teacher
01563 558505
School Handbook
Kilmaurs Primary School Kilmaurs
Gillian Crawford, Head Teacher
01563 538388
School Handbook
Lainshaw Primary School Stewarton
Jason Johnstone, Head Teacher
01560 483653
School Handbook
Littlemill Primary School Rankinston
Heather Sabatini, Acting Head Teacher
01292 590221
School Handbook
Loanhead Primary School Kilmarnock
Amanda Milne, Head Teacher
01563 522938
School Handbook
Lochnorris Primary School Cumnock
Cindy O’Driscoll, Head Teacher
01290 427280
School Handbook
Logan Primary School Logan
Denise MacColl, Head Teacher
01290 421916
School Handbook
Mauchline Primary School Mauchline
Robyn Davidson, Head Teacher
01290 550306
School Handbook
Mount Carmel Primary School Kilmarnock
Andrea Fergusson, Head Teacher
01563 525897
School Handbook
Muirkirk Primary School Muirkirk
Anne McLean, Head Teacher
01290 661350
School Handbook
Nether Robertland Primary School Stewarton
Jacqueline Beveridge, Head Teacher
01560 482035
School Handbook
Netherthird Primary School Cumnock
Jemma Donnelly, Head Teacher
01290 421980
School Handbook
New Cumnock Primary School New Cumnock
Joanna McMurdo, Head Teacher
01290 338404
School Handbook
Newmilns Primary School Newmilns
Jillian McCracken, Head Teacher
01560 320915
School Handbook
Ochiltree Primary School Ochiltree
Fiona Black, Head Teacher
01290 700351
School Handbook
Onthank Primary School Kilmarnock
Alison Wright, Head Teacher
01563 525477
School Handbook
Patna Primary School Patna
Claire McPhail, Head Teacher
01292 531271
School Handbook
Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh - William McIlvanney Campus Kilmarnock
Lorraine Dougan, Head Teacher
01563 558505
School Handbook
Shortlees Primary School Kilmarnock
Wendy Connelly, Head Teacher
01563 523817
School Handbook
Sorn Primary School Sorn
Jennifer MacKay, Head Teacher
01290 551496
School Handbook
St Andrew's Primary School Kilmarnock
Elizabeth Hastings, Head Teacher
01563 549549
School Handbook
St Patrick's Primary School Auchinleck
Marianne Bradley, Acting Head Teacher
01290 420957
School Handbook
St Sophia's Primary School Galston
Elizabeth Heron, Head Teacher
01563 820521
School Handbook
St Xavier's Primary School Patna
Amanda Rooney, Head Teacher
01292 531279
School Handbook
Whatriggs Primary School Kilmarnock
Diane MacKinnon, Head Teacher
01563 546776
School Handbook

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