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Early childhood centres

Children have the best fun when they are doing creative and activity-based work. We always try to make sure they wear aprons but it can be messy fun, so please dress your child in suitable clothing.

Please also make sure that your child has suitable outdoor clothing as outdoor learning takes place on a regular basis.

Other schools

Most of our schools have a dress code. Please refer to the individual school or centre handbook for more information.

There are forms of dress and footwear which are unacceptable in school such as clothes which:

  • might encourage rivalry/offence (such as football colours, photos, wording)
  • could cause health and safety difficulties (loose-fitting, dangling earrings)
  • are made of flammable material (such as shell suits)
  • might cause damage to flooring (high heels)
  • carry advertising, particularly for alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  • could be used to inflict damage on other pupils, or be used by others to do so

In addition, earrings or other body piercing jewellery should not be worn for any PE-related activity.

Your child will never be deprived of any educational benefit as a result of not conforming to the dress code.

Help with clothing and footwear costs

If you get Universal Credit, or other benefits, you may be entitled to grants for free school meals, footwear and clothing. Visit our clothing grants and free school meals page to find out more and apply online.

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