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Linda McAulay-GriffithsWelcome to your school handbook.

In these pages, we aim to give you the information you and your child might need to benefit fully from the wide range of educational services and facilities available. 

We aim to ensure every child or young person, regardless of background, has an equal opportunity to enjoy a first class education, equipping them with the skills, experiences and opportunities to succeed in school or centre, further education, work and life.

For this to happen successfully, we need a genuine partnership with parents, making sure your child can fulfil their potential.   

Just like you, we want the best for your child, for them to be the best they can be.

If you want to know about your child’s progress or their entitlement to a service and you cannot find the information you need here, please contact your school, or Early Childhood Centre directly.

Our staff are happy to explain anything of concern to you and will assist you in every way possible – please just get in touch.

I know your child will enjoy their time with us as they grow, learn and progress every day. 

By working together, we will ensure your child will benefit from a great education and, if you are interested in how you might contribute to school life, possibly on the Parent Council or by volunteering, please let us know.

Kindest regards,


Linda McAulay-Griffiths, Head of Education

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