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What is the Psychological Service?

The Psychological Service is a team which works with the schools in East Ayrshire and all children and young people in them.

What is an Educational Psychologist and what do they do?

An Educational Psychologist (EP) cares about your learning and development, any problems you might have,and how to help you with them.

In East Ayrshire we work in early childhood centres, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools. We also work with parents and other people like speech therapists, doctors and social workers.

We can talk with you, your teacher or your family about your school work, your feelings or your behaviour at school, and how to help things improve.

How does an EP become involved?

EPs visit schools on a regular basis. During these visits teachers might talk to us about concerns they have about children at school. We might talk to you about any difficulties you might have. This could be to do with your learning, feelings about school or home, or your behaviour. We would build a picture of your strengths and look at ways to help you.

Anything you say to your EP is confidential, and will only be shared with someone else if you say it’s okay. If your EP is worried about you being safe, and has to tell another adult, they will discuss this with you. All information we have is kept in a safe place. Parents and pupils, dependent on their age, can see the information relating to education.

Working with you

Schools mainly get in touch with EPs to work with children and young people. You can also ask to see the school’s EP if you feel this would be helpful. We are interested to hear what you think about school, home or anything else so that you can set your own goals and targets to make things better.

We may ask you to come to meetings at school, or ask to visit you at home. We might also write to you and your parents.

What else do EPs do?

  • give advice to parents, carers, teachers and others. If you are under 16 years your parents will have to know that you want to speak to an EP
  • help teachers learn about ideas they can use in their classrooms
  • help East Ayrshire plan the best use of supports for all children and young people

How do I get in contact?

Direct referrals are usually made through your school with your parents’ permission. However, if you want to find out more about your EP, speak with your guidance teacher or class teacher, or you can contact us.

Other information

Psychological services help and advice for parents and carers 

Contact Information

Psychological Services
St Joseph’s Academy
Grassyards Road
Telephone: 07500 913 493
Telephone: 07500 912 741
Telephone: 07985 394 638

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