Anti-bullying strategy

Details of the Anti-Bullying Network and our anti-bullying strategy

Behaviour management in schools

Details of our 1-2-3 Magic initiative for behaviour management in primary schools

Psychological services

Details of our Educational Psychologists and the support they can provide

East Ayrshire Support Team

About the East Ayrshire Support Team, who provide effective support for children and young people with additional support needs

Additional support for learning

Information for parents and carers on additional support and the process of assessment

Ayrshire hearing impairment service

Supporting the needs of hearing impaired children and their families from diagnosis until school leaving age

School nurses

Information on the school nurse service provided in our schools

Schools supervised medication

Information on the administration of prescribed medicines in an educational establishment

Health education

Health education ensures young people develop knowledge and understanding, skills and capabilities which they need for wellbeing

Education in hospital

About the hospital education service and the support they provide to pupils in hospital

Instrumental tuition

The instrumental service seeks to enhance the musical experiences available to pupils through instrumental tuition

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC)

Our schools, educational and other services offer a quality provision to all children irrespective of where they live, their background or disabilities

Local youth forums

We're always looking for Young Representatives aged between 11-25 years old to sit on East Ayrshire's local youth forums

Contact Information

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