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The administration of prescribed medicines in an educational establishment is a matter for the discretion of the head teacher.

If the head teacher agrees to administer medicine at the establishment, the member of staff administering the medication is legally required to exercise reasonable care to avoid injury.

The administering of medicines in an educational establishment offers a simple solution to a problem which may, in some circumstances, pose serious difficulties to both parents and children. In return, the head teacher is entitled to the full co-operation of the parents in helping to observe safe practices.

Three groups of children will benefit from this:

  • those who have suffered an acute condition are now symptom-free, but who need to continue taking medicine for a further limited period
  • those who suffer from certain chronic conditions but who can satisfactorily attend the educational establishment if they receive a regular dose of medication
  • those who suffer acute intermittent attacks, who are at greater risk than the other groups, and who require the immediate administration of the prescribed medicine to ensure that reasonable care is being exercised

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