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Our budget plans for 2022/23 were agreed by Council on Thursday 24 February 2022. These show how we will deliver a balanced budget and also set out our plans for the future.

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Wellbeing continues to feature in our recovery and renewal plans as the immediate and longer lasting impacts of COVID-19 continue to be felt across all of our communities.

There is still concern and uncertainty for the future and there is a recognition that the pandemic has added to already existing inequalities, with some in our communities more affected than others.

Mental and physical health have suffered through stress and anxiety, uncertainty about jobs, money worries, loneliness and social isolation.  Ongoing cost of living increases are likely to place some of our most vulnerable residents and families under even greater pressure in the coming year.

Our Wellbeing Recovery Renewal Group has developed a broad range of initiatives that have been shaped through focussed conversations with people who have lived experiences of wellbeing priorities. These include targeted work on mental health and suicide prevention, social isolation and loneliness, financial inclusion, food poverty and physical activity. Additional targeted work has been developed to support staff at this challenging time, recognising the impact of the current pressures on our workforce.

Cabinet: 23 February 2022

Download the Transformation Strategy Update 2022/23 Revenue Budget Report (PDF 1.62Mb)

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