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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced a sudden and rapid change in the way we managed service delivery. Public buildings closed to staff and the public for all but a few key priority services, and it highlighted the value and importance of digital technology. 

To support this, we carried out extensive work to quickly digitise services, moving processes to our online customer service platform and redesigning our telephone system within days to provide a seamless, flexible solution that made sure our staff could deliver services from home and maintain that vital link with our communities.

As a Council have experienced powerful digital change as services have reviewed and modified their processes and introduced digital solutions that have been well received by our residents and customers.

Our Digital Strategy 2022–2027 builds on what we have done so far and the lessons we have learned as we continue to work for, and deliver services to, our workforce, our businesses and our communities.

As digital becomes the key enabler for delivering services differently, our aim is to provide high quality, best value and efficient services with improved outcomes using efficient processes.

What we have done so far

Find out about our digital achievements so far:

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