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A Digital Inclusion approach will ensure everyone has the opportunity and capability to be digitally included as we connect residents, businesses, partners and technology and promote thriving digital communities and digital investment across East Ayrshire.

Our key objectives

Digital inclusion approach

Our Digital Inclusion approach focuses on developing strong and caring partnerships with our communities, using the data we hold and remaining  aware of those who are vulnerable and in need of ongoing support, to assist and protect them so they can thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Digital learning

Having the essential digital skills and access to lifelong learning opportunities will enable our communities to participate in a digital world.

These skills mean we can:

  • communicate, collaborate and share information online
  • handle information and content by knowing how to find, manage and store digital content securely
  • carry out transactions and pay for goods or services online
  • problem solve by finding solutions using digital tools and online services 
  • understand the importance of keeping safe and legal online

Digital access

The East Ayrshire Digital Access Network (EADAN) brings local and national organisations together to promote digital inclusion and equality. Through this network, we are working towards the creation of a digital East Ayrshire culture, where everyone in our communities has the same opportunity to reach their digital potential, and enjoy access to the wider benefits it brings.

Digital infrastructure

East Ayrshire’s wider digital infrastructure is central to economic and societal resilience. It must be fast, reliable, robust and capable of meeting the current and future needs of anyone living, learning, working in or visiting East Ayrshire.

We are engaging and working with Digital Scotland to make sure East Ayrshire maximises the benefits from the rollout of the Scottish Government’s Reaching 100% (R100) superfast broadband programme. This will support our infrastructure and the benefits that can be realised by our communities and businesses in the years ahead.

What we will do

ObjectivesHow we will achieve this

Digital inclusion

  • Working with our partners, we are maximising opportunities arising from local and national initiatives such as Connecting Scotland and ConnectingU to promote digital inclusion and equality

Digital learning

  • We are working with our partners In supporting our communities through their transition to digital, to develop learning opportunities to boost digital knowhow
  • Whether it’s just the basics, or the next step into the digital world, we provide a self-supported training programme that can be accessed free of charge and delivered anytime and anywhere, that improves digital skills and confidence in people and organisations throughout our communities

Digital divide

  • We make sure our digital services and content are accessible and available across multiple platforms and channels
  • At the same time we're supporting service users who are not yet, or have chosen not to be, digitally connected, stopping the digital divide from widening further

Digital skills

  • We work with our services to support people and organisations to develop their digital skills using a collaborative approach — we achieve this though Lifelong Learning Opportunities for communities and initiatives such as the Digital Boost programme for Businesses
  • We will signpost professional learning opportunities for our third-sector partners, through the Scottish Government’s Digital Academy, to support the work they are already undertaking to digitise communities

Digital access

  • Using data and intelligence, we are developing a matrix that to help us and our partners identify communities at risk of, or experiencing, digital exclusion within East Ayrshire so we can target resources effectively

Digital infrastructure

  • We will continue to work with key partners, including the Scottish Government and Digital Scotland, to support the delivery of superfast broadband coverage under the R100 programme

Ayrshire Growth Deal

  • We aim to maximise opportunities presented by the Ayrshire Growth Deal investment of £3m, set aside for key digital infrastructure, regional digital hubs and 4G infill

Community partnership

Government and locally based community support is available to help individuals and families to access and gain the benefits of being online.

Find out more about community partnership support

What we have done

Find out what we have done so far to deliver digital inclusion in our communities

Strategies and plans

Comments and suggestions

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