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Digital inclusion is about making sure that everyone can benefit from the internet and technology.

It is defined by three criteria:

  • access to an appropriate device
  • suitable connectivity to the internet through broadband, wifi, and mobile data
  • required skills, support, confidence, and motivation to use the internet

Find out which organisation within the East Ayrshire Digital Access Network (EADAN) can provide you with access to a device, connectivity, or support to improve your digital skills.

Access to an appropriate device

Find out where you can access public wifi and a device if you need one.

Suitable connectivity to the internet through broadband, wifi, and mobile data

Find out where you can access public wifi and a device if you need one.

To find out what broadband speeds you can get at home please visit Digital Scotland Superfast.

Find out if you are eligible for a discounted broadband deal.

Required skills, support, confidence, and motivation to use the internet

To understand your current level of digital skills and identify key areas where you need support, use this essential skills checker.

Once you have assessed this, we have a variety of digital tools to support you in all stages of your digital learning journey.

Getting started

Digital Unite: introductory guides for beginners provides guides to help you get started and introduces you to basic digital skills and terminology.

Connecting Scotland: computer terms and jargon and Age UK: glossary of online terms provide definitions of common jargon that you may see on a device.

Age UK: getting started on the internet provides support with common queries that you may face when getting started with your device.

Choosing a device

Connecting Scotland: how to choose a device and Digital Unite: how to choose a computer or tablet provides guides for choosing a device and internet connection.

Setting it up

Connecting Scotland: how to set up the device provides guides to help you set up a device and connect it to the internet.

Using a device

Connecting Scotland: basics on how to use the device provides step-by-step information on using different types of devices and  Connecting Scotland: how to do things provides guides for various online activities.

Digital Unite: using a computer provides a series of guides for using a device.

How to improve your digital skills and confidence using the internet

Once you have set up your device, the following resources provide support for people with varying digital skills, whether you have never used a computer before or if you simply need some support creating documents or transacting online:

Employability skills and skills for work

Improving your digital skills can help you when searching for employment or help you to work effectively in the workplace.

The following resources provide support with digital skills for employability and at work:

Digital support for those with a sensory impairment

If you would like more information on digital support for those with a sensory impairment please visit Digital Leeds: useful tools for people with sensory impairments for resources.

Barriers to digital inclusion

There are several barriers to digital inclusion which may affect individuals at any one time, they are as follows:

  • access - not everyone has access to connectivity to the internet or to a suitable device
  • skills - not everyone has the required skills to use the internet and online services
  • confidence - some people lack the confidence to use the internet due to fears of online crime, a lack of trust or they simply don't know where to start
  • motivation - some people do not see the benefits of using the internet 
  • design - not all digital services and products are accessible and user friendly
  • awareness - not everyone is aware of the digital services and products that are available 
  • cost - not everyone can afford a device or connectivity

Digital exclusion in East Ayrshire

The Digital Exclusion Risk Index tool visualises digital exclusion for every data zone in Scotland. This tool creates an overall score for each area between 0 (representing low risk of digital exclusion) and 10 (representing high risk).

What we are doing in East Ayrshire to close the digital and data divide

The EADAN is made up of over 100 individuals representing local and national organisations that work together to close the digital and data divide in East Ayrshire. During the pandemic the EADAN has helped over 1,500 families and helped to support almost 16,000 digitally excluded people to get online.

It is important to note that digital inclusion is a shared responsibility across East Ayrshire and is not limited to any one sole organisation.

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