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A list of strategies and plans that have enabled our five year strategic plan are listed below by theme:

Building a fairer economy

Tackling poverty and inequality

Improving community wellbeing

Supporting children and young people

Delivering a Clean Green East Ayrshire

Ensuring financial sustainability and resilience

Strategies and plans which have enabled ensuring financial sustainability and resilience:

  1. Annual Procurement Strategy
  2. Best Value
  3. Digital Strategy
  4. Financial Strategy
  5. Health and Social Care Strategic Plan (PDF 4.99Mb)
  6. Local Development Plan 2
  7. Local Outcome Improvement Plan (PDF 883Kb)
  8. Partnership Provider Statement (PDF 1.60Mb)
  9. Place Principle
  10. Public Sector Equality Duty
  11. Scottish Government Programme for Government
  12. Service Improvement Plans
  13. Shared Equality Outcomes (PDF 561Kb)
  14. Workforce Strategy


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