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Strategic Plan 2022-2027 Brochure

Our new Strategic Plan 2022–2027 (PDF 1.59Mb) confirms our vision and priorities as a Council, describing how we intend to deliver our services, with and for our communities over the next five years and how we will contribute to the achievement of our shared Community Plan 2015–2030 ambitions and Local Outcomes Improvement Plan 2021–2024.

The Community Plan remains as our sovereign plan and provides the overarching strategic context around what we and our partners want to achieve, with and for the communities of East Ayrshire.

Our overarching vision for our communities is that which we share with our Community Planning Partners.

East Ayrshire is a place with strong, safe and vibrant communities where everyone has a good quality of life and access to opportunities, choices and high quality services which are sustainable, accessible and meet people’s needs.

Our priorities

Our Strategic Plan sets out high-level ambitions incorporating key priorities that have been developed across six strategic themes.

The priorities and themes were established through engagement with our communities, employees and partners using a variety of methods and platforms and is written against a backdrop of significant and unprecedented challenges which will continue to challenge us in the years ahead.

Our six strategic themes are:

Our Strategic Plan sets out our refreshed arrangements for creating change and builds on our previous two transformation strategies, coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery and renewal work, and has been informed by a comprehensive programme of engagement with our communities which takes account of the issues that they raised.

It will continue to inform Service Improvement Plans, embedded transformation in Council and support improved performance management and reporting.

Community planning and engagement

Our Strategic Plan has also been informed by our Community Planning Partnership priorities for 2021–2024 that were developed following extensive engagement and consultation with partners, our communities and other key stakeholders in 2021.

It provides a bridge between our Community Plan, Service Improvement Plans and strategies.

Strategic framework

Our Strategic Plan describes how we as a Council will deliver on the ambitions we have for our communities and is underpinned by and aligned with our:

It takes account of the communities we serve, including:

  • local needs
  • circumstances and aspirations
  • the current internal and external context in which we operate
  • national and local drivers for change, including risks, challenges and opportunities
  • governance arrangements
  • programme management and performance measurement

Strategic plan reports

The introduction of the Strategic Plan and associated Action Plan in 2022, as a bridge between our Community Plan and services, will strengthen and enhance the ‘golden thread’ linking our high-level strategic priorities with more specific objectives for services, teams and individuals. It will ensure clear performance and impact measures, at each level of planning, and benefit all of those we serve.

A report on our Strategic Plan 2022–2027 (PDF 1.63Mb) was agreed by Council at its meeting on 29 June 2022.

A further report on the Council Strategic Framework 2022–2027 (PDF 6.4Mb) with proposals for our Strategic Plan Action Plan followed, and was agreed by Council at its meeting on 27 October 2022.

Updates on the strategic plan

In addition to an annual review and report to Council on progress of the associated action plans, elected members will receive regular updates.

Comments and suggestions

Get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions on the Council Strategic Framework and its strategies:

Comments and suggestions

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