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heart, rainbow, rocket, stars and bird with heart wing, representing children and young people
We are committed to working with our communities and partners to ensure that in East Ayrshire, our children and young people grow up loved, safe and respected so that they realise their full potential.

Key priorities and goals

PrioritiesHow we will achieve this

Respect and promote the rights of children and young people and involve them in all decisions made about them by embedding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in our policies and practices

  • We will uphold, champion and defend the rights of children and young people in all we do and further embed UNCRC, ready for this becoming law
  • Develop and implement innovative ways of ensuring children and young people’s voices are heard in discussions and decisions that affect them, including collaborative service redesign and future of our towns and communities
  • Empower children and young people to take control of actions and activities in any of their plans

Deliver high quality early learning and childcare experiences for all eligible children

  • Through investment in early years we will create better life chances for our children, particularly those in our most deprived communities

Continue to develop a new multi-disciplinary, community facing approach which will provide the best possible all-inclusive wellbeing for our children and their families

  • Establish and implement the Help Everyone At the Right Time (HEART) Wellbeing Delivery Model and early family support approach by all services

Prepare for and implement significant educational reform that supports young people to achieve their utmost potential

  • Contribute to the national discussion on education, ensuring that our experience delivering day to day education locally informs reform activity

Tackle the poverty related attainment gap

  • Maximise the impact of additional funding sources to improve wellbeing and attainment outcomes for all children and young people, delivery equity for all learners and close the poverty related attainment gap
  • Assess and consider the impact on the Scottish Attainment Challenge to inform further work being taken forward

Support the young person’s guarantee by ensuring that every young person has access to a job, education, training or development programme

  • Maximise children and young people’s potential in the world of work, sports, the arts and as community leaders through learning
  • Ensure all vulnerable young people secure a positive destination when leaving school, such as employment and further education and are supported into adulthood
  • Focus on 16+ opportunities for all

Scale up prevention, early intervention and wellbeing focussed models of service delivery for all children, young people and families that promote resilience and better emotional, mental and physical health, ensuring timely access to appropriate, locality focused services

  • Ensure children and young people’s development and physical health, regardless of ability, is supported by play, time outdoors and physical activity, including with their family

Ensure young people are safe and protected

  • Work together with partners to improve the safety of all children and young people through a coordinated approach
  • Support children and young people to build respectful relationships with each other and tackle bullying wherever it takes place

Keep The Promise and ensure that our most vulnerable children feel loved and have the childhood they deserve

  • Children will be listened to and meaningfully and appropriately involved in decision making about their care
  • As Corporate Parents, help young people reach their full potential when growing up in the care system

Strategies and plans

Comments and suggestions

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