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We will work with our communities and partners to build a fairer economy, which is strong, sustainable and people-centred and where wealth is redirected back into the local economy, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to benefit from economic growth.

Key priorities and goals

PrioritiesHow we will achieve this

Support the development and implementation of the Ayrshire Regional Economic Strategy

  • Approve and deliver an Ayrshire Regional Economic Strategy
  • Continue to strengthen regional partnership working
  • Attract more private sector investment into East Ayrshire, providing projects that generate jobs and wealth for communities
  • Ensure continued focus on tourism

Maximise the opportunities arising from the Ayrshire Growth Deal

Support local businesses to thrive and grow

  • Continue to provide support to new and existing businesses through council programmes and Business Gateway 
  • Support sector based workstreams, including food and drink, clean growth, visitor economy, digital and skills
  • Review of existing business support model in Ayrshire to ensure that the same level of support is provided to businesses regardless of their location
  • Enable local businesses to take advantage of public sector procurement opportunities, helping to increase their competitiveness nationally and internationally

Promote Community Wealth Building and Fair Work

  • Support a regional approach to Community Wealth Building (CWB) and ensure that CWB is considered as part of regional investments 
  • Support the Working for a Healthy Economy project, ensuring that health and wellbeing is linked into CWB 
  • Support social enterprises and the third sector to provide facilities and employment and deliver inclusive economic growth 
  • Promote the dimensions of Fair Work within local workplaces with the aim of achieving the ambition of Kilmarnock to become a Fair Work Town by 2025

Promote access to employment and training programmes

  • Work with partners on the development of a Regional Skills Investment Plan to identify skills demand and supply requirements for Ayrshire
  • Support employability interventions that will assist unemployed residents access the labour market
  • Support trade apprenticeships, modern apprenticeships and graduate intern placements across Council services

Continue to promote and develop community led regeneration

  • Support communities to create and implement their community led action plans, reflecting their local priorities 
  • Work alongside communities to deliver placemaking and local place plans which set out proposals for the development of land and assets 
  • Support implementation of Regeneration Capital Grant Fund projects 
  • Agree and implement town centre regeneration strategy and projects

Invest in new, sustainable transport infrastructure that improves the transport network, public transport and accessibility, particularly in our rural communities

  • Finalise and implement the Active Travel Strategy
  • Develop the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across East Ayrshire
  • Agree next steps once outcome of levelling up fund bid for Bellfield Interchange investment is known 
  • Support the development of a Regional Transport Appraisal which will underpin investment in accessibility and connectivity

Continue to ensure that young people are prepared for the world of work via a relevant, engaging and inclusive school and Early Childhood Centre (ECC) curriculum, complemented by meaningful vocational experiences and opportunities

  • Maintain our emphasis on improving the attainment gap and achievement outcomes for children and young people, in particular, care experienced young people and those looked after at home
  • Ensure all vulnerable young people secure a positive destination when leaving school, such as employment and further education and are supported into adulthood
  • Support the employability training needs of unemployed young people and school learners, at risk of disengagement, through SL33 and SL66

Strategies and plans

Comments and suggestions

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