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The digital world continues to move fast and we must move with it or be left behind.

Our Digital Strategy presents a high-level digital framework for the Council to set out our vision and future direction for digital technology, innovation, services and infrastructure.

Technology is the enabler for efficient and effective change and improvement and will be key to everything we do in the years ahead. We will harness the potential of the latest technologies to strengthen relationships with our communities and develop a strong digital culture within a workforce equipped with the skills and confidence to use technology well to deliver efficient and effective frontline services.

Our Digital Strategy is not just about technology, it’s also about people, culture and leadership. It is about maximising our digital capabilities; changing and improving the way we live, work and connect, and as our digital journey develops and evolves so too will our Strategy.

Our Digital Strategy will remain a live document that will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant as we move with pace towards a ‘digital first’ approach in everything we do.

Key themes

To deliver our digital vision, our Strategy will focus on five key themes:

These themes will be delivered by the consistent application of the following principles:

Theme principles
PrinciplesHow we will achieve this

Get the basics right

  • The right tools, technology and skills will be in place to ensure a digitally capable workforce can do their jobs well, requiring little intervention or technical support

Customer centric focus

  • Digital services will be designed around the needs of customers, both internal and external, with a focus on what they need, rather than what they, or we, think they want, and supported by user research and feedback and data insight

Support continuous improvement

  • Continuous improvement will be supported by suitability and sustainability reviews and a rationalisation of existing applications, particularly as they reach ‘end of life’; become outdated or no longer fit for purpose; or where there are gaps in functionality
  • We will support services to streamline processes, reduce duplication, increase automation, realise and release efficiencies and ensure they remain future fit

Make informed decisions

  • To ensure we can sustainably resource, implement, operate and support any new digital investment, technology based decisions will be:
    • solution-targeted
    • evidence based
    • provide value for money
    • have clearly defined outcomes and
    • meet quality and cybersecurity standards

Use data intelligently

  • Working together with Corporate Support’s Project Management Office, we will ensure that accurate, secure and timely collection and sharing of data will derive intelligence and an understanding of customer behaviour which, in turn, allows services to make informed decisions, encouraging collaborative working and a proactive and consistent approach to service delivery

Develop inclusive technology

  • Our digital services will be accessible and easy to use but we will always ensure that assisted digital solutions will be available to those who need them and provide non-digital alternative channels for those who are unable to engage with us digitally

Comments and suggestions

Get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions on the Council Strategic Framework and its strategies:

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