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We will encourage a positive digital culture and ensure our key principles are embedded in everything we do. Led and supported by a Digital Governance Board, services will have opportunities to engage in collaborative working on digital projects that improve service delivery and maximise our available resources and our digital assets.

Our key objectives

Digital culture is the concept that describes how technology and the internet shapes the way we interact. It’s the way we behave, think and communicate and is the product of the endless technological innovation that surrounds us.

Digital culture must therefore be recognised as the foundation of our Digital Strategy, underpinning our vision and all our other key themes.

We shall encourage a strong digital culture by:

Embracing transparency

We will raise awareness of the importance and impact of digital technology. We must promote transparency through effective communication and discussion, delivering information in engaging and positive ways.

Encouraging collaboration

Working together improves workflow. Ideas become more cohesive and progress can be measured. We must encourage shared learning and insights across our services.

Providing digital training

Effective and targeted digital training is the most effective way to help staff to understand digital. We support the provision of a flexible and consistent training programme that reflects roles and aids personal development.

Bring comfortable with risk

The fast-moving pace of digital demands we be agile. We must cultivate an open and trusting environment that focuses on sharing of best practice and lessons learned, where we are comfortable with risk and unafraid of trying new things.

Aspiring to inspire

Digital is the key to a world of opportunity and we must capitalise on its potential. We must be brave in disrupting the norm, challenging how things are done and viewing our services in different ways.

Collaborate working

There is a wealth of data intelligence available to us and we will explore the potential of using data to drive future decisions, forecast service demand and improve service delivery, allowing resources to be allocated efficiently and to where they are needed most.

Where appropriate we will share data across service areas to improve service outcomes for our communities. By sharing information and working collaboratively, we can move to a pro-active joined up approach.

Digital governance

A well designed and supported digital governance framework minimises efforts, resources and costs and ensures digital business maturity.

To create and maintain this framework we will establish a Digital Governance Board, led by the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Finance and ICT. This will report directly to the Corporate Management Team. This Board will oversee the delivery of the corporate digital agenda and drive forward the digital programme.

It will also make sure that our Digital Strategy supports and compliments our other corporate strategic policies and aligns with East Ayrshire’s sovereign Community Plan.

Digital equality and diversity

This Strategy was developed with input from East Ayrshire’s Equalities Consultation Forum. A number of community representatives and community councillors recently attended an open forum to discuss the Council’s digital journey so far.

The Equalities Consultation Forum will continue with their support and involvement by becoming a ‘Critical Friend’ to the Digital Governance Board. They will challenge progress wherever necessary and help us embed our core values of quality, equality, accessibility and partnership in everything we do. 

What we will do

ObjectivesHow we will achieve this

Collaborative working

  • We will continue to encourage collaborative working, both internally and externally, with our partners and peers
  • We will adopt the Scottish Approach to Service Design to make sure we take a cohesive and consistent approach in everything we do

Digital learning

  • We will enhance existing and develop new learning opportunities with ‘How To’ guides which support employees in improving their digital skills and digital confidence, encouraging engagement in digital redesign whilst reinforcing the essentials such as the importance of cyber security and staying alert to emerging risks

Digital ambassadors

  • We will build on the success of the digital ambassador programme and our digital champions within our curricular estate, encouraging, suggesting and influencing new ways of working and testing new digital solutions before they go live

Digital governance

  • We will establish a Digital Governance Board to lead, support and challenge our Digital Strategy
  • The Board will include key staff from Finance and ICT and service stakeholders, fostering collaboration and effectively breaking down silos, perceived or otherwise
  • The Board will meet regularly to offer leadership and support and challenge every key aspect of our Digital Strategy
  • The Board will look after:
    • digital investment, priorities and standards
    • developing and employing policies that encourage the success of the digital programme
    • defining short and long-term action plans and
    • ensuring their successful delivery
  • The Board will make sure a focused and coherent approach is taken. It will provide regular updates on corporate initiatives and digital progress to Cabinet and Senior Management
  • The Board will review the Strategy annually to check that all  objectives remain clearly defined and future fit

What we have done

Find out what we have done so far to encourage a positive digital culture.

Strategies and plans

Comments and suggestions

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