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A Digital First approach will ensure we are agile, adaptive, efficient and innovative as we connect devices, networks, data and people across a safe and secure infrastructure and make informed decisions on future service based digital efficiencies and wider Council investment.

Our key objectives

Digital first approach

As digital becomes the key enabler for delivering services differently, our aim is to provide efficient services and improved outcomes alongside efficient processes that deliver best value.

We will engage with partners, communities and suppliers to develop and make best use of a digital infrastructure that supports ultrafast internet and mobile network connectivity across East Ayrshire.

Digital workforce

Our workforce will be empowered and skilled with the tools and technologies they need to do their jobs well.

They will have reliable access to work efficiently from any location. They will be encouraged to engage with and take part in digital redesign, challenge current processes, design new solutions and support continuous improvement in the way we deliver our services. 

Digital security

As we continue to make more digital services available we will make sure we deploy robust security across our network infrastructure and business systems to protect our data, our staff, our customers and our learners. 

Digital investment

We continue to invest in our corporate and curricular environment through our capital programme, allowing safe and secure access to learning and the delivery of services in a blended and flexible way, whether that be from the office, home or another location.

Cloud strategy

We have made significant investment in ICT platforms, and whilst we should continue to maximise that investment where it’s financially viable and  justifiable, we should be mindful of the potential opportunities associated with cloud computing.

What we will do

ObjectivesHow we will achieve this

Digital learning

  • We will update our learning and development programme, creating opportunities for our workforce to enhance their digital skillsets, increase their digital confidence and employ best practice in cyber security

Digital security

  • Cyber security has to be a priority for all businesses, irrelevant of size, as systems containing valuable and sensitive data continue to come under attack from malicious actors — using the correct cyber security defences will help to protect all categories of data from theft or damage
  • We will continue to bolster our existing ‘layered’ approach to cyber security and defence in order to protect our critical systems and sensitive information against cyber-attacks and data breaches
  • We will keep following industry best practice, sharing this knowledge and working together with existing partners in order to stay in front of this ever changing threat

Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Office has been providing users with productivity tools for several decades — through its core applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) it provides businesses with access to the tools they need to perform everyday tasks, such as managing data, creating documents and communicating information — however, Microsoft Office has evolved into a huge suite of intelligent tools that, if used correctly, will allow organisations to become even more productive and efficient
  • With Microsoft Office 365 all applications and services are connected, both to each other and to the wider web — this facilitates teamwork, saving employee time by enabling people to work together using tools such as unified communications, online video meetings, collaborating in the creation and updating of files, and providing cloud based telephony solutions
  • The inclusion of cloud storage and mobile applications in  Microsoft Office 365 also allows organisations to work wherever and whenever, with secure access to content from any device
  • We will create a dedicated and focused team to deliver and implement Microsoft Office 365, and other ‘software as a service’ (SAAS) solutions, to drive our digital transformation forward securely

Network stability

  • We will replace and update firewalls and increase network load capability to support the introduction of Microsoft Office 365

Green digital

  • We will implement green initiatives to reduce power consumption such as ‘power downs’ that automatically puts inactive devices to sleep at fixed times in the evening
  • The introduction of Microsoft Office 365 and increased network stability will enable wider use of video conferencing with Teams, reducing staff travel costs, improving productivity and reducing carbon emissions

Repair, re-use, recycle

  • We will make best use of the equipment we own and follow the disposal principles of repair, reuse, refurbish and recycle wherever costs and practicalities allow
  • We will explore options which may allow us to repurpose end of life equipment by donating to community or charitable organisations, or support the provision of community grants funded from income from surplus equipment recycling activities

Digital solutions

  • We will make best use of the applications and software we own
  • We will establish a clear vision which reduces the complexity of our software estate and any unnecessary duplication
  • We will consider the use of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, so that we only pay for essential software that we absolutely require

Digital investment

  • We will reuse existing technology if it is fit for purpose
  • When buying or developing a technology solution we will identify the best fit option that meets current and future requirements and provides value for money

Digital review

  • We will review the existing ICT digital estate, to make sure our current business systems are resilient, secure and efficient and remain future fit
  • We will gradually rationalise solutions which do not meet these criteria and only consider alternative or replacement solutions that improve service delivery

What we have done

Find out what we have done so far to ensure a digital first approach across the Council

Strategies and plans

Comments and suggestions

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