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The level of Council Tax payable depends on the valuation band of your home.

We have set the budget for 2024-25 and all Council Tax bands have been frozen from 1 April 2024. In addition, Scottish Water have agreed an increase to their charges.

The new figures are shown below:

Bands and charges 2024-25
Council Tax  £991.63 £1,156.90 £1,322.17 £1,487.44 £1,954.33 £2,417.09 £2,912.90 £3,644.23
Water £168.60 £196.70 £224.80 £252.90 £309.10 £365.30 £421.50 £505.80
Sewerage £195.66 £228.27 £260.88 £293.49 £358.71 £423.93 £489.15 £586.98
Total £1,355.89 £1,581.87 £1,807.85 £2,033.83 £2,622.14 £3,206.32 £3,823.55 £4,737.01

Water and waste water charges

Council Tax bills include charges made by Scottish Water for water and waste water services. We are legally required to include these charges on the Council Tax bill bills but we are not responsible for setting them.

The level of charges set by Scottish Water is subject to scrutiny by the Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland and the Scottish Government. Further information on the Council Tax increases by the Scottish Government can be found at Scottish Government: Council Tax.

Since 1 April 2021, households which receive Council Tax Reduction qualify for a reduction in water charge. This reduction is graduated to reflect entitlement to Council Tax Reduction. Only full entitlement to Council Tax Reduction attracts the full 35% reduction. The reduction is calculated on the same daily basis as benefit. This reduction is automatic and no application is necessary.

If you have a septic tank or a private water supply, you may not be liable to pay water and waste water charges. If you think this is the case please contact us by emailing or calling our Revenues and Benefits team on 01563 554400.

Council tax charges for previous years

View Council Tax charges for previous years.

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