Council tax bands

The level of Council Tax payable depends on the valuation band of your home.

An independent assessor determines which of eight valuation bands applies to each home in East Ayrshire. Council Tax is then charged based on which band your property falls into.

Changes to council tax charges

We have set the budget for 2022/23 and all Council Tax bands will increase by 3%. In addition, Scottish Water have agreed an increase to their charges. The new figures are shown below:

Council tax, water and waste water charges for 2022/23

BandCouncil Tax ChargeWater ChargeWaste Water ChargeTotal
A £944.41 £147.60 £171.36 £1,263.37
B £1,101.81 £172.20 £199.92 £1,473.93
C £1,259.21 £196.80 £228.48 £1,684.49
D £1,416.61 £221.40 £257.04 £1,895.05
E £1,861.27 £270.60 £314.16 £2,446.03
F £2,301.99 £319.80 £371.28 £2,993.07
G £2,774.19 £369.00 £428.40 £3,571.59
H £3,470.69 £442.80 £514.08 £4,427.57

Further information on the Council  Tax  increases by the Scottish Government can be found at  Scottish Government: Council Tax.

Low income household exemption in band E to H properties

Single person households with net income of up to £16,750 and all other households with net income of up to £25,000 and less than £16,000 in savings are eligible to apply for a full exemption from the increased charge through the Council Tax Reduction scheme.  

If you are a low income household and already in receipt of Council Tax Reduction then you do not need to reapply, the annual Council Tax notice will include any reduction you are entitled to.

Council tax notices

Council Tax notices will be issued mid-March.

Council tax charges for previous years

View Council Tax charges for previous years

Water and waste water charges

Separate water and waste water charges are set by Scottish Water. We are legally required to include them on the Council Tax bill. The level of charges is subject to scrutiny by the Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland and the Scottish Government.

If you have a septic tank or a private water supply, you may not be liable to pay water and waste water charges. If you think this is the case please contact us on the telephone number or email address below.

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